Best Way To Label Outdoor Plants

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Make your stones stand out from the surface of the soil for visibility. In my very sunny garden however plastic tape labels were barely legible after two years.

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100 Pcs 4 Inch Blue Plastic Plant Nursery Garden Labels Pot Marker Garden Stake Tags.

Best way to label outdoor plants. Take a trip to your local thrift store and pick up assorted wooden spoons. Theres an option in your plants list to show QR codes if that helps. The fewer plastics we dispose of the better.

Blue and green inks last longer. Gardening Plants Garden Zones Lawn and Garden The label should include the common name and Latin name of the plant. For a good overall look choose one style and stick with it.

Label your seeds on the base of the fork knife or spoon and then stick the handle in the soil. You can get find letter punches at any hardware store. I only ever use the milk carton method without the foil which works for me – dont use any ink with a red base as this fades quicker in the sun.

Not only are they a convenient way of providing information they also link the particular plant to its record stored on the Gardens plant database IrisBG using a unique number called an accession number. Oil-based paint markers are sold as permanent and indelible but good news you can intentionally remove the marker from most surfaces including plastic plant tags and use them again. Decide whether you want to use proper plant species names or common names.

46 out of 5 stars. Pick up some random but pretty spoons from the thrift store or an antique shop and press plant names into them for a quirky plant label. These are cheap and compostable.

Write the type of plant on the handles of your silverware using a permanent marker and then stick your fork knife or spoon in the soil next to the corresponding seeds. Inaccuracies are common when it comes to plants because it seems like we humans care to learn less about green things like trees flowers and herbs than we care to learn about animals even when we eat plants paint them plant them extract their chemicals or use them in numerous other ways. For example left-justified text in one upper case font.

It seems like a lot of info that you want to include on a label — but possibly there is some sort of label maker that will do that. Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight Albert Schweitzer. Or attach masking tape to pot or write name directly on pot.

The copper eventually weathers. The best way to label garden plants is easy to see lasts all season even in the Arizona summer sun and can be reused season after season. Use inexpensive craft store ice cream sticks to write your vegetable information in permanent marker.

Some label makers have little keypads for entering letters and others can be connected to your computer for easier use. Depending on the type of garden you are growing the plant labels you make can be quick and easy for tracking purposes only. Without plants in the world you and I certainly.

Or do it vice versa. Since common names vary considerably researching the Latin name can give you a more accurate description of the plant. With any of these label makers the best tapes to use are the plastic ones.

If you use aluminum strips cut from recycled pie plates use a. Here are a few ideas for simple functional plant labels. Emily Fazio 2016 Trim a 8 piece of heavy gauge wire and make it a spiral and then glue the end of.

Ive tested numerous household products for removing markers and heres what works. Plant labels are vital to the curation of the Gardens collections. Insert popsicle stick plastic stick aluminum strip or garden label into the soil.

The label makers allow you to choose different fonts and font sizes plus upper and lower case and a variety of signs and symbols. Again Alitag is a good place to get this sort of label. Write in reverse on the back or write normally on the front and wrap tightly around a lollipop stick or chopped up milk carton.

Youll be able to reuse them when you set plants out into the garden. One way to do this is to use a diamond bit on a multi-use tool to bore a hole in the bottom of each rock. Blue and yellow plastic tapes are reported to fade the least.

Copper looks very attractive and you can to write on it using a ballpoint pen indenting a permanent record. KINGLAKE 100 Pcs Plastic Plant T-Type Tags Nursery Garden Labels Re-Usable Plant Tags. Make note of the USDA or Sunset zone thats listed on the label.

Write or paint plant names on the spoon end and stick them in the dirt.

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