Biological Hazards In The Workplace Examples

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Examples of biological hazards Some of the examples of biological hazards include.

Biological hazards in the workplace examples. Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention. Blood or other bodily fluids. Some examples of biological hazards are.

Biological hazards are those types of occupational health and safety hazards that come from working with people animals or infectious plant material. OSHA estimates that 56 million workers in the health care industry and related occupations are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens including human immunodeficiency virus HIV hepatitis B virus HBV hepatitis C virus HCV and others. Examples of biological hazards include mold sewage blood and bodily fluids.

These dangers can result in diseases and allergic reactions and limit employees ability to carry out their work. Cancer Skin irritation Respiratory ailments. Mold and Fungi Blood and Body Fluids Sewage Airborne pathogens such as the common cold Stinging.

What is biological hazard. BIOLOGICAL HAZARDS mold insectspests communicable diseases etc CHEMICAL DUST HAZARDS cleaning products pesticides asbestos etc WORK ORGANIZATION HAZARDS Things that cause STRESS SAFETY HAZARDS slips trips and falls faulty equipment etc PHYSICAL HAZARDS noise temperature extremes radiation etc ERGONOMIC HAZARDS. Workers in health care may be exposed to biological hazards through contact with human bodily matter such as blood tissue saliva mucus urine and faeces.

Hospital workers are exposed to many biological hazards including human immunodeficiency virus HIV hepatitis B herpes viruses rubella and tuberculosis Hewitt 1993. Biological hazards come from organisms including people animals and plants and threaten human health. Occupations and workplaces where people may come into contact with biological hazards 3.

These substances have a high risk of containing viral or bacterial diseases. Examples of Physical hazards. In some industries exposure to moulds and yeasts is common.

Preventive and control measures 4. Goggles Face shields 7. Work in the agricultural sector is associated with a wide variety of occupational hazards.

Hazard Identification Assessment And Control Are Key Elements Of An Effective Environ Safety Management System Occupational Health And Safety Workplace Safety

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