How Do You Know If A Child's Toy Is Safe

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With Christmas on the horizon its a great time to review what makes a toy safe or not. Find out more about child safety symbols.

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If there is a concern that a child has received either a toxic toy or a toy that could be a safety hazard a complaint should be filed immediately with the Consumer Products Safety Commission CPSC.

How do you know if a child's toy is safe. The CPSC has a list of recalled items that may be useful and though there are DIY kits a certified laboratory is the only way to accurately test toys. If you have any doubt about a toys safety err on the side of caution and do not allow your child to. It ensures consumers understand whether a toy is safe for children of that age.

Stay on the safe side by having your child screened by a physician for lead exposure with a simple blood test that will detect the smallest level of lead starting at age 1 and continuing through age 6. The best toys are often the simplest ones — like blocks –. When it comes to toys that are being handed down between generations or gifted from neighbors you want to check where they toy was manufactured in order to make sure it is safe.

Safety-First Toy Selection Even if a toy is a gift to your childor a prize won at an eventread toy box labeling before allowing use. These coverings are choking hazards so remove them before your child plays with the toy. The age range marked on a toy eg 2 for our toys is there for a couple of reasons.

Did you know December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of products that can put kids at risk. Toy boxes usually have the appropriate age printed somewhere easily seen.

First make sure that if your wheels come with pins to secure them to the axle that these pins are properly inserted. The string or the elastic on toys should be less than 300 mm in length. To determine whether a toy poses a choking risk use a choking hazard tube.

If youre a parent grandparent or caregiver to a young child we hope youll take the time to review this important information before shopping for your little one and pass it. When a toy is too specific its limiting and it denies the child the ability to use her imagination says Panaccione. If a toy or part of a toy can fit inside the cylinder its not safe.

Reporting Unsafe Toys Check the CPSC website for the latest information about toy recalls or call their hotline at 800 638-CPSC to report a toy you think is unsafe. Anytime you are purchasing toys for someone elses child be sure to discuss with the parent if the toy sounds fitting for their child. Check toys for plastic film coverings placed on toy mirrors and other items to prevent scratching.

Tips for Choosing Eye Safe Toys. Listed below are things to consider as you select safe childrens toys. Do not allow your children to play with toys that have been removed from toy stores as the result of a toy recall that has been initiated by the safety commission.

Dont confuse VOC-free with non-toxic. Many will be members of trade associations whose rules call on them to meet high standards. Toys are tested to ensure there is no presence of heavy elements such as lead.

Toys that are appropriate for a toddler or a pre-schooler may not be safe for infants. These toys have been identified as unsafe toys. For safety reasons batteries are shipped disconnected so you will need to hook up a few wires in the battery compartment.

If no lead is present in the test chances are the toys your child plays with are safe and so is your household environment. VOCs often come up when discussing toy safe finishes but the presence or absence of VOCs is not a good indicator of whether or not a product is toy safe. If you suspect a toy may have been manufactured with lead or lead paint take the toy away from your child and throw it away.

Appropriateness this is a big one. This recall report includes 280000 baby rattles which have small parts that can break off 37000 mobiles that can detach from a childs crib and fall and 20000 Pokémon fidget spinner keychains. Another key area is the battery.

If your child tends to put things in his mouth perhaps you could take the small parts away and put them up somewhere. Its best to keep away toys belonging to an older child from an infant or a toddler. A lion symbol in a triangle additionally means the British Toy Hobby Association have passed the toy as safe.

The acrid baby choking odors emanating from most paints and finishes are VOCs used as solvents and driers. But as we know not every child is the same and they all play differently. Following those tipsyoull find a brief listing of best toys for developmental abilities within varying age groups.

Buy from suppliers with a good reputation for safe and reliable toys. Parents know the maturity and personality of their child which plays a huge factor into whether a toy would be suitable or not suitable for their child. The CPSC will gather information and decide if the toy should be recalled.

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