How To Make Permanent Plant Labels

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Dimensions 150mm length x 18mm width x 17mm thickness Handmade labels. The labels are made using a Brother P Touch Label Maker and the Brother Laminated Tape TZe251.

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Ideal for pots.

How to make permanent plant labels. Some models of our Aluminium Labels can also be punched with Alitag Character Punches a Jig. The plant tags can also be recycled again for labelling the plants that are growing bigger in the garden. It will be a little hard to read but it is there to stay.

It is possible to use an eraser to rub it off in the first. You can also make plant labels from plastic milk jugscontainers or the plastic jugs that juice comes in used lolly or ice cream sticks or even make more permanent plant labels from metal and ceramic. These are cheap and compostable.

This Brother label maker allows you to print 3 lines of text on one label. PROFESSIONAL ALUMINIUM PLANT LABELS. You can also use other pieces of plastic like the cups from fast food restaurants which are a lot thicker and can stand up easier to being trampled in the garden.

Now use the ballpoint pen or a nail to engrave your label tab with the name of the plant. Next—Using a pen and pressing hard into the tin write the name of the plant. Add a nice label for easy identification of a garden plant but also bury a mini-blind label with the root ball.

The ink will not stay for long on the tin but the indentation will stay permanently. Youre just trying to engrave the soft aluminum not mark it with the ink. Dont worry if the pen doesnt leave much of any ink.

Depending on the type of garden you are growing the plant labels you make can be quick and easy for tracking purposes only. The fewer plastics we dispose of the better. Use the wire cutters to cut your wire into 6-8 inch lengths.

Put a plant marker in your propagation container but also write on the side or bottom of the containers itself in case the marker gets misplaced. Here are a few ideas for simple functional plant labels. If properly applied see below they will last for years.

Bend one end into a loop but leave a gap to slip the label on. To make your homemade plant and seedlings labels look a little more polished use an existing plant label as a template and trace the shape out. Leslie Doyle of the Sweet Tomato Test Garden in Las Vegas NV talks about making plant label and plant markersThese are easy to make easy to read.

These are treated to make the pencil permanent. Use a paper hole puncher to punch a hole near the pointed end of the tag. Next—Attach the plant name to your wire by folding the ends of the tin around the wire so that it is not easily removed.

Use small pots turned upside down or wedge shards or trays from the bottoms of pots into the dirt near your plants with the names written on them. I find that permanent marker pens are easiest to write on the foam texture. You get these perfectly uniform plant labels this way.

Snip a point on one end to allow them to push into the soil then write on the label. These wide wooden plant markers lolli stick style make for a great cost effective labeling solution for your pots. Insert a twist-tie or garden string through the hole and secure the plant tag to a branch of the plant.

Ive tested numerous household products for removing markers and heres what works. Both have similar label creating functions and you can do a mail merge with both to populate the labels from a spreadsheet or database. Our special Aluminium plant labels can be written with Alitag pencil or just an ordinary HB pencil.

Im using Writer but the instructions are similar for Word. Use inexpensive craft store ice cream sticks to write your vegetable information in permanent marker. Natural light wooden colour.

The pencil will react with the Aluminiums specially made surface and becomes permanent as time goes by. Put them to work as plant markers. Aluminium labels can also be written on using a pencil a cheaper option than a jig.

Start by going into File – New – Labels. Oil-based paint markers are sold as permanent and indelible but good news you can intentionally remove the marker from most surfaces including plastic plant tags and use them again. Mark with slightly blunt pencil.

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