How To Read Highway Route Signs

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Highway system starting in the south and west and going up. In most cases they had the name of the town or city to which they headed for example The Old Portsmouth RoadOther ancient highway names include The Pilgrims Way Watling Street and the Via Appia.

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In the image to the left exit 30 is to the right in 200m.

How to read highway route signs. All interstate expressways that are east-west routes have a letter-number-direction designation. They show actions permitted in that lane and are mounted above the lane or beside the lane before the intersection. Shape up your traffic sign knowledge with these tips.

Interstate routes that branch off major long-distance routes are assigned three-digit numbers. National Road Maps can sometimes be of help in that some will even explain this system to you. For example road signs that use the color Yellow may warn you that there is a narrow bridge ahead a railroad crossing a no-passing zone curves in the roadway a merge point pedestrian crossing a dead-end an uneven surface a hidden cross street or any other number.

Numerically odds run northsouth and evens eastwest though the numbers increase in the opposite way with respect to the US. You must follow the direction indicated by the arrow on the sign when in that designated lane. Marker signs announce the route number of a highwayfreeway or the direction a particular road can lead to.

Route markers are blue with a red strip. Look at a map closely. Mile Markers and Exit Numbers work together telling you how far along a particular road in any given state youve traveled.

Traffic sign colors can clue you into what you might need to do on the road. In rare cases these can also split as with 35W and 35E in MN and TX. Youll pick up many of these while studying for your Driving Theory Test but dont worry as.

This Plan Reading Course is to present a step-by-step procedure on how to read interpret and relate to a standard set of roadway plans. To help identify and interpret symbols used in a standard set of plans. Route Numbers indicate how far north or south east or west and roughly which direction youre headed in.

The last two numbers indicate the parent route and the first digit signifies the roads function. Road signs or traffic signs as theyre officially known can be confusing to new learners. To successfully navigate your trip with a road map youll need to know how to.

Read the double yellow lines. Signs with black backgrounds are lane use signs. They are usually white or green.

Yellow Yellow road signs are general warning signs to indicate potential hazards or changing road conditions ahead. Traffic Sign Color Tips. With a road map you can plan out your route in advance to visit area attractions or find rest stops along the way.

Listen to the road. To help you navigate any road with ease there are important signs that you need to have committed to memory. Mile marker numbering usually starts at the western or southern edge of a state.

Typically you wont see a sign below it indicating the area unless its a major city. However with the increase in private traffic after the First World War a. What you need to know.

The signs are pretty standard but its important to know the exit number of the local road. After looking at them closely it may stun you when you see the resemblance in the numbers. For example Interstate 80 throughout its length is an east-west traffic corridor and all signs will be marked correspondingly as I-80 East or I-80 West even on those occasional sections that for a short distance head straight north or south.

Until the beginning of the twentieth century highways were usually named rather than numbered. It may seem that theres a never ending list of signs to learn in The Highway Code. Keep reading to get familiarized with how the road signs we know today came to be the most common shapes and colors as well as the meaning behind each sign.

And to help develop the necessary skills to interpret a set of plans in non-technical terms to laypersons property owners and others. Fortunately the shapes and colors of traffic signs can help you understand their meaning. With so many different traffic signs on the road you might lose track of what each one means.

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