How To Run A Hitch Route

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In this video I breakdown Terry McLaurin running a Hitch Route. How to run a Hitch Route.

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The route running video includes detailed explanations and examples of how to run the most common pass routes as well as the correct biomechanics and angles necessary to run these routes properly and effectively.

How to run a hitch route. If the receiver has released inside versus a press or soft-press defender and is running a crossing route he will use a stair-step technique to gain separation. He will stick his inside foot in the ground and push vertical leaning into the defender before sticking his outside foot and separating from the defender. At the snap of the ball the receiver will run full speed straight ahead.

Drop Pop on your 2nd inside step. We breakdown how to sell fade and what you need to do to create separation. Routes are demonstrated by Canadian Football League Hall of Fame receiver Terry Vaughn.

2 Everything is a fade until its not Keep your head down run thru the break point before. In this version the receiver will run straight forward and then stop when he gets a few yards downfield. How To Run The Hitch Route When I first teach any receiver route I always begin with the speed start.

I hope you enjoy. A speed start is when a receivers leans forward on the line of scrimmage bending their front leg and straightening the back leg so they can sprint forward on the snap of the ball as fast as possible. How to Run the Hitch Route Lets start with the simpler form of the Hitch route.

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