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How to say swear words in greek. Some pretty strange ones too and funny. The Greek for swear words is βλαστήμια. I would like to know some curse words in Greek.

Working on this particular International Swear Words post had me blushing like a geek at a high-school freshman dance. Malakas μαλάκας today is a vulgar word. μαλακία and malakos Greek.

This meant and still means mental illness or disorder and soft and thus weak depraved effeminate. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. As Zorba the Greek would say Every man has his.

It is just for fun I am learning some Greek and who doesnt love learning naughty words in. We invented the gangster shit we were fucking gladiators. Anyone who trys to act like a tough guy or superior to Greek while using Greek Methodologies which is anyone in the free world everyone uses original Greek methodologies every culture I just came up with the phrase just now but lets call it Verminkineeasi.

Now youre all set to insult people in a language they are unlikely to understand. How do you say this in Greek. Μαλάκας is a super common wordif you want to shout it to sb say malaka and if youre talking about sband you want to say he is a jerk for example say he is malakas.

The word derives from two ancient substantives malakiafem Greek. And that brings us to the end of the list. N -.

So instead of saying youre out of your mind man you can say youre embròntetos man Different words but same meaning. Well first let us give you the ancient meaning cause this word is so old as the Greek language itself. The Greek for swear word is βλαστήμια.

Answers When you disagree with an answer. I realised Greeks have picked up on the spice swear word and I have to say the way it gets pronounced sounds spiceand in saying that I contradict myself and say. Greek words for swear include ορκίζομαι βρίζω βλασφημώ and ορκιστεί.

International Swear Words to Love and Use. This ancient greek word means Out of mind. Asshole malaka asshole malaka.

Any is fine I think that you might have to put characters in some of the english translated words because they censor it out here. Greek had a lot of swearing words often related to sex. I remember when I was 14-15 years old and I looked through our mine and my fellow classmates Ancient Greek dictionary and stumbled upon some of these words and expressions.

Greek Swear words.

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