Indian Road Signs And Meanings

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As you can understand from the name these are the road signs that need to be followed compulsorily failing. Traffic signs give information about the road conditions ahead provide instructions to be followed at the major crossroads or junctions warn or.

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Ad Road Side Signs – This Is What Youre Searching For.

Indian road signs and meanings. Road Traffic Signs in India MandatoryRegulatory Signs Stop Give way No entry Straight prohibited One way One way both directions Vehicles prohibited in Horn prohibited Pedestrians prohibited Cycles prohibited Right turn prohibited Left turn prohibited U-turn prohibited Overtaking prohibited Trucks prohibited Tonga prohibited. Warning for a railroad crossing with barriers. Warning for a traffic light.

Green Traffic Signs Green traffic signs indicate permitted movements and directions. Indian traffic road signs and traffic symbols meanings in odia traffic signs and rules in India all about road signs with driving license test RTO symbols. Its in the best interest to watch out for.

However they are important even otherwise when you hit the road. When it comes to traffic light it means that you have to stop. Blue Traffic Signs Blue traffic signs display road services and evacuation route information.

Diversion Ahead To signify road construction work. Red is usually associated with danger. InformatoryGuide Signs All Informatory signs and Guiding signs for facilities are rectangular in shape.

Warning for a railroad crossing without barriers. A sign showing information about amenities at an upcoming exit is an example of a traffic sign with a blue background. Warning for a road narrowing.

Informatory Signs for facilities indicates location and direction to facilities like fuel station or eating place or parking and shall be a symbol within a. Indian highways thanks to hectic pace of addition to the road network are full of diversions. So let us look at a few signs that we need to know about to help regulate the traffic.

Traffic signals or stop lights are positioned on the road intersection and they are used for indicating that whether it is safe to walk or not. The drivers accordingly take necessary actions to handle the situation. People are recommended that they should follow all the Traffic signs and they would be required to understand this information that is displayed through color code.

One should not try to speed up on descent as it loosens the grip on vehicle. Most of the times these signs are found on hilly road where steep ascent and descent are normal part of travel. Road safety cautionary signs make the road users conscious of hazardous conditions on the road beforehand.

Ad Road Side Signs – This Is What Youre Searching For. Instead focus on learning to identify road signs based on their category and general function first. Every road sign included here – and addressed during the Indiana DMV test is categorized as a warning sign regulatory signs guide sign or work zone sign.

Road Signs and what they mean Road Sign 1. Warning for a curve to the right. In all there are three kinds of road signs in India which are as follows-Mandatory Signs.

Types of Traffic SignsSymbols for Indian Roads. Although The Highway Code shows many of the signs commonly in use a comprehensive explanation of our signing system is given in the Department for Transports booklet Know Your Traffic Signs which is on sale at booksellers. Traffic signs used including signs giving orders warning signs direction signs information signs and road works signs.

Warning for a narrowing. Warning for a railroad crossing with 1 railway. This road sign indicates that there is steep descent ahead and driver should get ready to descent by putting the vehicle in relevant gear.

For traffic signs the red colour can be used to indicate other meanings rather than stop. The use of red in traffic sign usually indicates compulsory rules and possible dangers.

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