Is Fire Dangerous In Space

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Remember when a fire is discovered you need to get out quick. However fire in space is certainly something that has to be respected and can be deadly.

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About a week ago NASA scientists started a fire in one of their own cargo bays.

Is fire dangerous in space. Fire can moreover spread very quickly when in the presence of oxygen. Large pieces of debris A computer-generated image of space debris orbiting Earth. Playing with fire is considered dangerous especially aboard a laboratory orbiting 250 miles over Earth.

Space is a dangerous place for humans with risks at every turn. In February 1997 a fire broke out on the Space Station Mir. And if you think that fire cant burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space youre absolutely right.

Astronauts are even braver than you think. The ISSs sophisticated engineering however means that ventilation systems can be shut down to reduce the spread of fire between areas. Combine the two and youve got a serious threat to astronaut safety.

The unit is too close to a flammable agent like a mattress or bedding. When a fire occurs there is little time to escape. A fire can spread by doubling its size in seconds.

This buoyancy is what makes a flame long and pointed here on Earth. The National Fire Protection Association names these three reasons that a space heater can start a fire. In less then 30 seconds a fire can rage out of control filling the area with heat and toxic thick smoke.

Flames are harder to spot in microgravity burning bluer and dimmer. However modern ammunition comes with its own oxidiser chemical that can trigger the explosion of gunpowder so all this space-bound gunplay kind of makes sense sort of. As hot gasses from a flame rise they create air currents that bring fresh air to the fire.

Fires cant burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space but guns can shoot. The ISS has a fire detection and suppression system to monitor for smoke but as soot particles are larger in microgravity it can be falsely triggered by normal dust. The experiment called Confined Combustion intends to improve fire safety on the International Space.

In low gravity situations there is no buoyancy from flames. However NASA International Space Station astronauts have now deliberately started a series of fires in research designed to study the behaviour of fire in zero gravity. Fire is a huge risk because it burns up oxygen which is an extremely precious and scarce resource in space.

Hold up dont freak out. The 10 Most Dangerous Moments in Space Shuttle and Station History. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder and thus the firing of.

You cant go outside youre. NASA fire expert David Urban told Universe Today that a fire is among the most catastrophic situations that a crew can face. Recent tests aboard the International Space Station have shown that fire in space can be less predictable and potentially more lethal than it is on.

The space heater is on but not attended. Heres a list of NASAs closest calls during the history of the agencys shuttle program. Fires in space are not the same as fires on Earth but the best way to fight any fire is to keep it from starting.

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