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Signal light ahead 49. Find the right road symbol signs below.

Highways Streets Roads Signs Vocabulary Pdf English Vocabulary Vocabulary Learn English Words

Warning signs Mostly triangular Double bend first to left symbol may be reversed Bend to right or left if symbol reversed Roundabout Uneven road Plate below some signs Dual carriageway ends Road narrows on both sides Two-way traffic straight ahead Two-way traffic crosses one-way road Road narrows on right left if symbol reversed.

Road sign and meaning pdf. A yield sign is triangular. One way going right 38. Seat belts are mandatory 47.

Road Symbol Signs for Your Roads. When you see this sign at. It means you must slow down and yield the right-of-way to traffic in the intersection you are crossingor roadway you are entering.

Motorists and pedestrians must abide and adhere to the road signs and meanings as stipulated by the National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA. – Road Traffic Signs ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS AREGULATORY SIGNS Signs that inform road users of traffic laws and regulations which if disregarded will constitute an offense. Draft Page 1 of 56 2.

Consequently this will reduce road accidents significantly. PDF conversions are fast and easy to all popular formats like Doc DocX ODT and more. Roadway openings do not enter this road.

For example road signs that use the color Yellow may warn you that there is a narrow bridge ahead a railroad crossing a no-passing zone curves in the roadway a merge point pedestrian crossing a dead-end an uneven surface a hidden cross street or any other number. It is red and white with red letters. ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS SIGNALS AND MARKINGS The purpose of road traffic signs is to regulate traffic in such a way that traffic flow and road traffic safety are promoted.

You are getting close to This sign is a warning to You are nearing a school the place where two-way all vehicles that the road area with a crossing. Traffic will be divided ahead goes down a hill. Arguably there can be sanity on the roads if every driver sticks to the provided signage on the roads.

Located past the stop sign. New speed limit ahead 51. No parking within 6 meters.

Do Not Enter Sign. SIGNS IN GENERAL Road traffic signs can be divided into the following six main groups. Results for Road traffic signs in Singapore.

Brakes before going The color of this sign may. SA Learner Driver Manual Road Traffic Signs Version. Ad Download software free to convert to and from PDF quickly and easily.

You should take note of any warning signs in Spain as they are designed to alert you of possible dangers ahead. Two way traffic 44. Watch for children and the by a center strip.

They warn of possible hazards ahead. Results for Road traffic signs in Singapore. Traffic signs play a vital role in directing informing and controlling road users behaviour in an effort to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone.

PDF conversions are fast and easy to all popular formats like Doc DocX ODT and more. Chapter 3 signs signals and road markings 33 Warning signs Most warning signs are yellow and diamondshaped. You should check your marked school crossing.

Priority Signs STOP SIGN -driver must stop at designated STOP LINE. Traffic Signs PDF Traffic signs used including signs giving orders warning signs direction signs information signs and road works signs. Deer crossing in area – road.

Round-about or traffic circle ahead 39. Road bends to the right. Although The Highway Code shows many of the signs commonly in use a comprehensive explanation of our signing system is given in the Department for Transports booklet Know Your Traffic Signs which is on sale at booksellers.

Ad Download software free to convert to and from PDF quickly and easily. This makes a knowledge of traffic signs essential. ROAD SIGNS ONE 1 Which one of the following is correct when encountering this sign.

Winding road ahead Sharp curve ahead slow to advisory speed shown Signal lights ahead prepare to stop when lights are flashing Curve ahead slow down Hidden side road Merging traffic ahead. Entering roadway merge 41. Road Traffic Signs in India MandatoryRegulatory Signs Stop Give way No entry Straight prohibited One way One way both directions Vehicles prohibited in Horn prohibited Pedestrians prohibited Cycles prohibited Right turn prohibited Left turn prohibited U-turn prohibited Overtaking prohibited Trucks prohibited Tonga prohibited.

Warning signs in Spain are often red or yellow to advise of potential danger. Not just for new drivers or riders needing to pass their theory test but for all road users including experienced professional drivers. One way going left 37.

Yellow Yellow road signs are general warning signs to indicate potential hazards or changing road conditions ahead. GIVE WAY SIGN -yield to the vehicles on right side of intersection. Official MUTCD compliant road symbols alert drivers to prohibitions changing road conditions and potential hazards.

Turn with speed advisory 43. AMaintain speed and continue driving B Decrease speed and give right of way to vehicles on your left C Decrease speed and give right of way to vehicles on your right DNone of the above. Road gets narrow on the right side.

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