Road Traffic Signs And Symbols In Hindi

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As you can understand from the name these are the road signs that need to be followed compulsorily failing which one might be issued a challan by the traffic. Knowing these road signs come in handy especially when you are on a road trip.

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Road traffic signs and symbols in hindi. According to the congress of Indian Roads these signs and Traffic symbols have been categorized into 3 different categories. Being able to tell the meanings of the traffic signs is one of the key skills for all road-users be it the driver or the pedestrian. The traffic signs and symbols in Hindi are also available for people to understand the rules.

Table of Contents Safety Hazard Warning SignsInformation SignsStop and Parking Signs Safety Hazard Warning Signs These road signs are intended to alert drivers and pedestrians to potential hazards. With advent of motorized traffic and its increasing pressure on road many countries have adopted pictorial signs. In 2012 the Tourism department of Kerala announced plans to upgrade road.

National highways have signs in the state language Hindi and English. In all there are three kinds of road signs in India which are as follows-Mandatory Signs. Be it the individual in the drivers seat or a person on foot having a sound learning about road traffic signs is very important.

So let us look at a few signs that we need to know about to help regulate the traffic. Traffic signs give data about the road conditions ahead give guidelines to be taken while riding on the road. Road safety signs are primarily of three types.

Our Hindi Questions and Answers are useful in preparation for Driving Licence Test and other competitive exams. Here are the common shapes used. The shape and color of a sign offers you a clue about the information contained on the sign.

Road Signs and what they mean Road Sign 1. Diversion Ahead To signify road construction work. It can lead to loss of life and property.

Tests specially designed in Hindi Language will help you gain significant confidence for facing Hindi Questions on Indian Traffic Rule and Signs in Hindi हद. Traffic rules and signs are the quiet speakers on the road. It was recognized that inter- national uniformity of road signs signals and symbols is necessary to facilitate transboundary international road traffic and road safety.

These signs have got the very prominent role to play in the traffic system and they are made for the safety of people. Road signs symbols and of road markings is necessary in order to facilitate road traffic and to increase road safety. These signs are.

Language for road signs. However they are important even otherwise when you hit the road. A person is supposed to be familiar get through a written or oral test with the traffic signs and symbols before acquiring a driving license in India.

Road signs in the Republic of India are similar to those used in some parts of the United Kingdom except that place names may be multilingual and signs are metric. Being unaware of road signs is akin to throwing caution to the wind. Being uninformed of mandatory traffic signs.

Therefore knowing the meaning of traffic signs is one of the criteria for your drivers to gain the license. Most urban roads and state highways have signs in the state language and English. In the following IndianAuto will give you the full details of Indian traffic signs with their meanings.

An 8-sided red STOP sign indicates that you must make a full STOP whenever you see this signStop at the white limit line a wide white line painted on the street or before entering the crosswalk. Types of Traffic SignsSymbols for Indian Roads. Small Online Quiz ie.

Some of the examples of these signs are Pedestrian Crossing Narrow road ahead Hair Pin Bend Round About etc. 33 rows Road symbols are the pictorial representations having the different. These traffic signs.

Traffic and Road Safety Signs in India – Know about the different symbols and rules for road safety and traffic including mandatory informatory cautionary signs and more here.

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