Signs Of Dangerously High Blood Sugar

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What are the symptoms. Warning Signs of Diabetes Complications.

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Signs of dangerously high blood sugar. Blood sugar spike symptoms. There are various conditions that affect the insulin function thus resulting in high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia can lead to a very dangerous condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis DKA which occurs most commonly in people who have type 1 diabetes and is often the condition that leads to the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

The first signs of DKA are often excessive thirst and frequent urination which precede more serious side effects by one or two days. Symptoms of DKA include. Sores that take a while to heal often on.

Over 85 Million Visitors. Increased thirst may be a sign of high blood sugar or DKA. You might feel a little thirstier than normal or have to pee more often.

The Main Signs of High Glucose levels. Ad High Blood Sugar Medicine Search Now. Diabetic ketoacidosis DKA occurs when the body does not have enough insulin to allow.

High blood sugar levels can affect your bodys circulatory system as well Dr. 10 Symptoms and signs of high blood sugar are headaches tiredness blurred vision hunger trouble with thinking and concentrating and frequent urination. Dehydration Stomach issues Itchy and dry skin Nerve dilemmas Dry mouth Impotence Excessive thirst Extortionate weight gain.

So what Causes Sugar spikes in Diabetics. Stress Not precisely taking diabetes medicine Overeating Medications like steroids Common colds Physical inactivity Over-treating an episode of low blood sugar. Some of the causes that contribute to high and even dangerous levels of blood sugar include the following If a diabetic person misses taking the diabetes medication.

In type 2 diabetes this can in the form of a condition called Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State and in type 1 diabetes in the form of ketoacidosis. Early symptoms of hyperglycemia can include headaches trouble concentrating blurred vision extreme thirst frequent urination fatigue and weight loss according to Summit Medical Group. High blood sugar can occur if the body does not have enough insulin.

Urination increases in an effort to rid the body of excess glucose. High blood sugar is serious and can result in nausea vomiting or loss of consciousness. Chronic high blood sugar increases the likelihood of serious diabetes complications like heart disease blindness neuropathy and kidney failure.

High blood sugar during pregnancy usually has no symptoms. Over 85 Million Visitors. Over time ongoing hyperglycemia can have even more symptoms.

Hatipoglu says impairing blood flow and the bodys ability to heal itself.

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