What Are The 5 Types Of Environmental Hazards

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Suggested Citation5 Hazards Land Use and Environmental ChangeNational Research Council. Hazards can be categorized in five types.

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Synthetic and natural.

What are the 5 types of environmental hazards. Environmental hazard is the state of events which has the potential to threaten the surrounding natural environment and adversely affect peoples health. Examples include hazardous wastes toxic substances radon gas and materials containing asbestos. Our health and the health of many other species is negatively affected by five broad environmental hazards the environmental equivalents of lust anger greed pride and attachment.

UV radiation from sunlight Chemical. Hazards are the processes which cause an accident or extreme event or danger where as disaster is a sudden adverse or unfortunate extreme event which causes great damage to human beings as well as plants and animals ie disasters occur rapidly instianeously and indiscriminately. Tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes volcanic eruptions droughts and landslides all fall under this category.

Environmental health and toxicology Assess environmental factors that influence human health and quality of life For example. HUMAN ENVIROMENTAL HAZORDS 1 Human Environmental Hazards HUMAN ENVIROMENTAL HAZORDS 2 Human Environmental Hazards The four major categories of human environmental hazards are Cultural Hazards Biological Hazards Physical Hazards and Chemical Hazards. Environmental hazards is also said to be any single or combination of toxic chemical biological or physical agents in the environment resulting from human activities or natural processes that may impact the health of exposed subjects including pollutants such as heavy metals pesticides biological contaminants toxic waste industrial and home chemicals.

One more type of physical hazard is the unseen hazard. Chemical Physical Mechanical Biological Psychosocial Ibrahim 4. The 4 Types of Environmental Hazards 1.

Physical hazards are a type of occupational hazard involving various types of environmental hazards that can cause harm without or with the contact of the body. People can be exposed to physical chemical or biological agents from various environmental sources through air water soil and food. The study of how environmental factors affect human health and our quality of life environmental factors can be natural and human-made.

Biological hazards are diseases and viruses. As we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. This type of environmental hazard occurs naturally and is mostly geological and geographical.

Weaken the egg shells Pesticides Types of environmental hazards Physical. What is environmental health. Occur naturally and pose health hazards.

Biological social chemical and physical. Solid-Earth Sciences and SocietyWashington DC. A physical hazard is generally natural disasters like tornadoes earthquakes blizzards droughts and landslides.

The term environmental hazard may be distinguished from environmental disaster as follows. What are the 4 types of environmental health hazards. Environmental Hazard Natural or man-made forces that may be hazardous to the health or safety of the homeowner.

DDT and bald eagles.

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