What Are The Basic Rules Of The Road

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You always drive on the right-hand side of the road This is standardized across all states in the US. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles drivers should follow the two- or three-second rule.

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Teach them to use the pedestrian crossing.

What are the basic rules of the road. Vehicle to be driven on the left side of roadway. However like most things in the US road rules vary slightly from state to state. Complete concentration will enable you to see and take notice of every detail.

The Highway Code is the road users bible and by keeping to the rules you will do much to keep our roads safe and more pleasant for all. Instead of just taking lectures on road safety rules it is always a wise idea to teach them through games and road safety activities. Rules of the Road.

Talking in context of ships which sail in vast oceans and seas where there are no concrete roads you might be a bit surprised to know that the rules of the road have to be followed by the marine vessels as well. View BASIC-RULES-OF-THE-ROAD 1pdf from BIO 102 at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. Using activity sheets guessing games or crosswords painting traffic signs as well as getting their responses for different scenarios on road can help them learn fast.

Drivers should always keep to the right unless passing another vehicle avoiding an obstacle traveling on a multi-lane road or moving along a one-way street. Provided that such encroachment shall be permissible-. Additional and more in-depth rules apply regarding various types of waterways and operation in.

Any person driving a vehicle on a public road shall do so by driving on the left side of the roadway and where such roadway is of sufficient width in such manner as not to encroach on that half of the roadway to his or her right. Using a phone or a sat nav when driving. Fighters should also be looking at their.

White lines are used to separate lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. Needless to say rules of the road refer to those laws and regulations which are necessary to maintain traffic discipline and ensure safety of life and vehicles on the road. If you reach the same object before you finish the count you are following too closely.

One of our countrys longest-standing road laws states that motorists must drive on the right side of the road to prevent conflict between opposing streams of traffic. An in-depth knowledge of the Rules of the Road is essential not only for drivers with full licences but for learner drivers also. Do NOT cross into lanes separated by lines that are solid yellow.

Correct posture begins with the knees slightly bent head centered over the hips and feet resting shoulder width apart. This post outlines the basic rules of the road when on the road in the US. The Rules of the Road Disclaimer.

The navigation rules of the road contained in this study guide summarize basic navigation rules for which a boat operator is responsible. RULES OF THE ROAD 1-6 BASIC RULES OF THE ROAD 1. Conditions change from one kind of road to another from a side street to a thoroughfare from secondary road to a main highway from a two-lane road to an expressway.

Yellow lines are used to separate traffic headed in opposite directions. Adverse road conditions can be produced by weather. The VPL has 14 copies held at various branches around the city.

In general however the following apply. This book published by Peoples Law School explains the basic rules of the road in British Columbia. Drug use and driving.

Know traffic signs and pavement. The drink drive limit. That means selecting an object on the road ahead like a sign and as the vehicle in front of you passes it you count slowly to two or three.

Any trip may involve a number of different road conditions each requiring adjustment in your driving. The Rules of the Road are for all road users drivers pedestrians motorcyclists horse riders and cyclists. This short pamphlet it is 11 pages long is a good place to start for those who are new to the province and want to brush up on the rules and regulations of the road.


The rules form the basis of road safety in Ireland. Rules to coordinate traffic flow. The term rules of the road covers every traffic law regulation and recommended driving practice established by a state government or federal transportation authority with the aim of keeping road users safe and the Highway Transportation System running in an orderly manner.

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