What Are The Different Types Of Laboratory Hazards

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Cleaning agents and disinfectants drugs anesthetic gases solvents paints and compressed gases are examples of chemical hazards. Once selected glove use requirements for your lab should be posted in your Chemical Hygiene Plan flipchart under theStandard.

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A major hazard in the laboratory is the risks presented by the dangerous properties of hazardous chemicals.

What are the different types of laboratory hazards. These complications include burns eye injuries lung disease asphyxiation and suffocation. Evaluating hazards and managing the associated risks of these hazards in research laboratories. Guards removed or moving parts that a worker can accidentally touch.

Different types of Laboratory hazards An important first step in protecting worker health and safety is recognizing workplace hazards. Chemical Hazards Handling chemicals is a typical part of the day-to-day routine for many lab workers but the risks and hazards remain the same. Safety Hazards include.

Ideally all of the electrical circuits in a science laboratory should include ground fault circuit interrupters GFCIs which are designed to protect people from electrical hazards. To provide techniques to ensure hazard information is gathered and analyzed. Potential exposures to chemical.

Glove Selection and Usage above for more information on how to select the right glove for a job. Most hazards encountered fall into three main categories. Types of Laboratory hazard 1.

Laboratory safety is governed by numerous local state and federal regulations. Consult this chart for an overview of commonly used glove types for laboratory use and their general advantages and disadvantages. Chemical biological or physical.

These hazards have been minimized by the use of proper equipment proper confinement ventilation safety valves etc and by procedural controls. Note that engineering controls such as chemical fume hoods should be used where possible to minimize chemical exposure A hazardous chemical is defined by OSHA as any chemical that is a health hazard or a physical hazard. In general there are three types of hazards personnel may encounter while working in laboratories at the NIH.

Laboratory workers are exposed to numerous potential hazards including chemical biological physical and radioactive hazards as well as musculoskeletal stresses. A variety of compressed gases are used some of which may be toxic corrosive flammable or explosive. Physical hazard – eg Fire Injury noise radiation high voltage apparatus machinery with moving parts.

Examples of laboratory hazards. Several factors were considered duri ng the development of this guide as follows. You must learn about the safe handling of gases before embarking on their use.

When dangerous chemicals arent handled in a safe and compliant manner they can cause a number of health hazards. It can cause electric shock electrocution burns fires and even explosions. Electrical Hazards Electricity has long been recognized as hazardous.

Many organic and inorganic chemicals are corrosive to the skin and to the eyes and can be toxic. Chemical hazard- eg corrosive flammable toxic carcinogenic poisonous explosive 3. With chemical exposure hazards and carries a wide variety of safety products that may help to protect against this risk.

Chemical biological or physical. Most hazards encountered fall into three main categories. Spills on floors or tripping hazards such as blocked aisles or cords running across the floor Working from heights including ladders scaffolds roofs or any raised work area Unguarded machinery and moving machinery parts.

Biological Hazards bloodborne pathogens Chemical Hazards carcinogenic flammable or corrosive materials.

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