What Are The Hazards Of Air Pollution

Air pollutant sources can also be classified into stationary and mobile sources. When coal burns the chemical bonds holding its carbon atoms in place are broken releasing energy.

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The solid and liquid particles suspended in our air are called aerosols.

What are the hazards of air pollution. The Primary air pollution source is carbon monoxide and the secondary pollution is air pollution that occurs due to the reaction between primary pollution such as depletion of ozone in the stratosphere. A discussion of these events and of bioaerosols in ambient air eg fungal spores and pollen is beyond the scope of this policy statement. Special talk on climate change with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The stationary source consists of power plants industries and. Health hazards of air pollution are commonly associated with lung damage by laymen. We know what were looking at when brown haze settles over a city exhaust billows across a busy highway or a plume rises from a smokestack.

Types of Air Pollution. Air-pollution episodes created by disasters eg accidents volcanoes forest fires and acts of terrorism can also create hazards for children. Air pollution and global warming are two of the most serious.

Air pollution contributes to myriad health problems and medical conditions including cardiovascular disease liver and blood diseases headaches anxiety eyenosethroat irritation breathing conditions such as asthma nervous system disorders lung cancer problems of the reproductive system and other chronic and long-term diseases. Air pollution is a familiar environmental health hazard. Air pollution can harm us when it accumulates in the air in high enough concentrations.

Air Pollution refers to the contamination of the air with harmful substances which includes the biological molecules organic and inorganic particles and hazardous gases such as Carbon Dioxide CO2 Carbon Monoxide CO Sulphur Dioxide SO2 Chlorofluorocarbon CFC Radon etc. The health hazards of air pollution are mostly diseases that are in the direct exposure of air in one way or the other like the lungs and the skin. However other chemical reactions also occur many of which carry toxic airborne pollutants and heavy metals into the environment.

Indoor air pollution has been linked to a wide variety of adverse health effects including headaches respiratory problems frequent colds and sore throats chronic cough skin rashes eye. Research studies conducted at the Washington School Of Medicine state that since 2004 at least 25 million people have been affected by kidney diseases due to the effects of air pollution. Coal and air pollution.

These particles and gases can come from car and truck exhaust factories dust pollen mold spores volcanoes and wildfires. However it is a fact that air pollution can harm the kidneys too. Some air pollution is not seen but its pungent smell alerts you.

This is having an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco and much higher than say the effects of eating too much salt. Coal and air pollution. It ranges from minor disorders like eye allergy nasal allergies like sinusitis throat infection to chronic respiratory and heart disease.

Greater warmth and sunlight interact with exhaust to produce more ground-level ozone a common pollutant and powerful lung irritant3 Air pollution is associated with a greater risk of chronic. EPA Concludes Ozone Pollution Poses Serious Health Threats 2013 Causes respiratory harm eg worsened asthma worsened COPD inflammation Likely to cause early death both short-term and long-term exposure Likely to cause cardiovascular harm eg heart attacks strokes heart disease congestive heart failure. Decades of research have shown that air pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter PM increase the amount and seriousness of lung and heart disease and other health problems.

People exposed to high enough levels of certain air pollutants may experience. Various Causes of Air pollution Air pollution is caused by solid and liquid particles and certain gases that are suspended in the air. Millions of Americans live in areas where urban smog particle pollution and toxic pollutants pose serious health concerns.

The health effects of air pollution are serious one third of deaths from stroke lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution.

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