What Do Fire Extinguisher Numbers Mean

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The number before the B indicates the area of the liquid spill which is burning that the extinguisher can extinguish. Each number equals 125 gallons of water.

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These classifications refer to the type of fires your extinguisher can put out.

What do fire extinguisher numbers mean. How much water would be required to match the agents power against Class A fires The square footage of Class B fires the agent can extinguish For each A the extinguisher contains the equivalent of. This number usually starts with FE and is located a few lines above the copyright symbol. Therefore the 6A equates to 75 gallons of water extinguishing capability 6 x 125 75.

What do the numbers in the alpha numeric classification mean ie. The area increases by 25 square foot for each whole number in crease in the rating. The letter indicates the type of fire that the fire extinguisher can be used on.

This number has a different meaning for each class. There is a number rating. Only two classifications of fire include a number with the rating Class A and B.

The higher the rating the increased size of fire the extinguisher can extinguish in test conditions. The letter represents the class of fire the extinguisher can be used on. Before purchasing a fire extinguisher consumers need to understand the different fire extinguisher types and fire extinguisher uses.

For class A fires the number corresponds to its effectiveness relative to 1 ¼ gallons of water. For Type A fires a 1 would have the equivalent of 1¼ gallons of water a 2 would be equivalent to 2½. Have you ever seen any of these symbols on a fire extinguisher and wondered what they mean.

Class A puts out ordinary combustible fires wood paper plastic etc Class B puts out flammable liquid fires oil gas petroleum etc Class C puts out electrical fires. In fact recent polls indicate that people may have the correct fire extinguisher for the facility its meant to service but still dont understand the. The model number of your fire extinguisher is located on your units label in bold type.

A 2A rating equals 25 gallons of water and a 4A rating equals 5 gallons of water. Fire extinguishers use a classification system that uses letters and numbers. The rating numbers increase to denote the volume of liquid in the test fires.

The numerical rating for a Class A Fire extinguisher refers to the amount of chemicalsagent in the extinguisher. A higher number means the extinguisher can battle a bigger blaze. The number in front of the A measures water equivalency.

But what do these fire extinguisher ratings mean. The numbers you might see accompanying the letter class of a fire extinguisher refer to the extinguishers size rating for class A and B fires. B the amount of square footage that the extinguisher can cover or able to extinguish.

The number represents the chemicalagents equivalent to gallons of water the extinguisher holds. Multiply the number in front of A by 125 to figure out the equivalent to gallons of water. For Class A the rating is to help measure how many gallons of water the extinguisher is equivalent to when fighting the fire.

The number represents the effectiveness. As part of a fire extinguishers classification the numbers on the label can mean either. So a 1 next to the A means the extinguisher has the equivalent of 125 gallons of water a 2 equals 25 gallons and so on.

The A B C rating system defines the kinds of burning materials each fire extinguisher is designed to fight. The numbers in the UL Rating are a relative measurement of how effective a given extinguisher is at fighting certain classes of fires based on proper fire extinguisher training. Fire extinguishers are classified by fire type.

On the tag you will find each fire extinguisher is either Class A Class B Class C Class D Class K or a combination of classes. A 1B rating would extinguish a 25 square foot liquid fire and a 2B would extinguish a 5 square foot liquid fire. For example a rating of 2B means that the fire extinguisher can be used to combat two square feet of a Class B fire.

Find an extinguishers model number. The number in front of the A B or C indicates the rating size of fire the unit can extinguish. Its easier to see the relationship between the increasing fire ratings if you convert them into percentages as ratings 183B to.

A- and B- rated fire extinguishers also use numbers to show how large a fire they can fight. A number next to an A on a fire extinguisher relates the contents of the extinguisher to an equivalent amount of water. These extinguishers are suitable for common combustibles including wood paper rubber cloth and several types of plastics.

The letter on a fire extinguisher indicates its classification. A fire extinguisher with a 1A rating is equivalent to 125 gallons of water. For instance if a fire extinguisher has a 1-A rating it can control class A.

The model number can be helpful if you are searching online for a product manual or troubleshooting with First Alert Support. The number 6 that precedes the class fire letter A is the number of equivalents. The numbers on a B or C rating will indicate the square footage that extinguisher can handle.

Other classes dont have such a rating.

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