What Do The Abc Ratings Mean On Fire Extinguishers

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For example an extinguisher that is rated 4A20BC indicates the following. You might come across a fire extinguisher labeled 4A20BC.

Understanding What Ul Ratings Are

For example you can use an ABC-rated fire extinguisher in your kitchen.

What do the abc ratings mean on fire extinguishers. Class K fire extinguishers. Most general use fire extinguishers have ratings of AB BC or ABC. Heres how it works.

But what do these fire extinguisher ratings mean. ABC ratings on portable fire extinguishers means a multipurpose extinguishers that can extinguish classes A ordinary combustibles B flammable liquids and gases and C energized electrical equipments also consider any fire involving uncharged class C. Since Class A B and C fires are all found in conventional homes and businesses ABC fire extinguishers are designed to put out all three types of fires.

You can buy a combination ABC fire extinguisher for between 20 and 80. Fire extinguisher capacity is rated in accordance with ANSIUL 771. Wood Paper cloth trash plastics solids that are not metals.

Fire Extinguisher Size Ratings. The numerical rating for a Class A Fire extinguisher refers to the amount of chemicalsagent in the extinguisher. This means that the extinguisher can be used in a Class A B or C fires.

Fires are only considered class C if electricity is still actively flowing to the item that is on fire. Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers. The A B C rating system defines the kinds of burning materials each fire extinguisher is designed to fight.

These fires are caused by electricity and electrical equipment and also require a distinct extinguisher. The primary chemical used to fight these fires is monoammonium phosphate because of its ability to smother fires in these types of materials. Water-based and some foam extinguishers cant fight Class A or Class B fires involving electrical equipment thus no C on the label.

Once its shut off the fire ceases to be considered a Class C. The number represents the chemicalagents equivalent to gallons of water the extinguisher holds. Now how does this work for ratings.

These numerical ratings allow you to compare the relative extinguishing effectiveness of various fire extinguishers. So a 1 next to the A means the extinguisher has the equivalent of 125 gallons of water a 2 equals 25 gallons and so on. The ratings on ABC fire extinguishers vary but lets say the one available to you is 10A120BC.

The most common fire extinguisher is the ABC fire extinguisher. But extinguishers that use inert gases and various powder mixtures can meaning they have an ABC rating. What do the A B C ratings on fire extinguishers mean.

What do the A B C ratings mean on Fire Extinguishers. Most home fires fall in the A B or C category and sometimes can be a combination of several factors. But a combination fire extinguisher may not be the best option for every room in your house.

An ABC Fire Extinguisher might have a UL Rating of 4-A80-BC. The number in front of the A B or C indicates the size of fire the unit can extinguish. This means that they can be used on more than one type of fire.

Fire extinguishers are labeled to identify the classestypes of fire Class A B C D or K on which the extinguisher will be effective and the relative fire extinguishing effectiveness or capacity. Oils fats and greases. Classes A and B fire extinguishers also display a numerical rating specific for the size and type of extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers with a Class A rating are effective against fires involving paper wood textiles and plastics. ABC fire extinguishers are rated for class AB or C fires. The last type of fire extinguisher is labeled with a yellow star and the letter D as well as the specific flammable metal you use the extinguisher with.

Fire extinguishers are classified by fire type. So 4B means the fire extinguisher can douse a 4-square-foot fire caused by flammable liquids. Have trouble remembering which is which.

For general home use you must have a fire extinguisher with an ABC rating. The numbers indicate the size rating of each extinguishing agent. Basically they cover 95 of the fires you encounter.

Just remember that an ABC extinguisher will not put out flammable metal fires. The ratings are described using numbers preceding the class Class of fire letter. The numbers in the UL Rating are a relative measurement of how effective a given extinguisher is at fighting certain classes of fires based on proper fire extinguisher training.

Typically more expensive fire extinguishers have higher UL ratings meaning they can battle larger fires. Numbers with the letter B refer to how many square feet of fire the extinguisher can put out.

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