What Do The Blue Signs On The Motorway Mean

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These are driver location signs and theyre used by breakdown teams and the emergency services to find stranded vehicles and accidents on Englands trunk roads. Road signs and symbols used in Germany are prescribed under the Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung StVO German Road Traffic Act and the Katalog der Verkehrszeichen VzKat Catalog of Traffic Signs.

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What does this motorway sign mean.

What do the blue signs on the motorway mean. These are small blue signs with 3 lines of yellow text positioned every 500m along motorways and some A roads in England. This sign means the end of temporary restrictions. Motorways in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland arent obliged to have them.

What does it mean. A RED RING or RED CIRCLE indicates a prohibition. They are not found on roads in Scotland Wales or Northern IrelandThis information might be useful in the event of.

A lorry has stopped in the right-hand lane. A BLUE CIRCLE generally gives a positive mandatory instruction or indicates a route for use only by particular classes of vehicle see sections. They are emergency phone signs The phone is always within half a mile from any spot on the motorway.

This is particularly handy in the event of a breakdown or an emergency. You might hear them referred to as distance marker posts. Temporary restrictions on UK motorways are shown on signs that have flashing amber lights.

Basically they are countdown markers on a motorway there are some on dual carriageways aswell. Where are driver location signs. On non-motorway roads the same colour scheme is occasionally used for signs bearing miscellaneous written information such as advance warnings of weight restrictions.

See more ideas about motorway signs motorway highway signs. As of July 2009 only roads in England feature these signs. The signs are always blue and located every 500 metres.

Driver location signs are small and blue. Youre on a motorway. Motorway signs are often in place from as much as one mile to provide traffic with sufficient warning to change to an appropriate lane if necessary.

What does a circular traffic sign with a blue background do. Youll find these signs on all motorways and some of the major A roads. Motorways shown in brackets can also be reached along the route indicated.

Paragraph 9 of the StVO states that The traffic signs and installations illustrated in annexes 1 to 4 may also be installed with the alternatives described in the Catalog of Traffic Signs. Driver location signs provide information that allows drivers to know their exact location. Nov 26 2015 – Explore becky chadds board Motorway Signs – Blue on Pinterest.

Driver location signs are used to help breakdown and emergency services identify where you are. Motorway road signs are always blue in colour and are used to inform motorists of directions or general information. Signs on primary routes – green backgrounds Blue panels indicate that the motorway starts at the junction ahead.

What should you do when you see this sign on the lorry. You see this signal overhead on the motorway. Blue motorway signs Most motorway signs are blue and although currently learner drivers cannot legally drive on motorways the law may change to allow the use of motorways to learner drivers.

Blue signs with white text and white borders are found on motorways where all direction signing uses this colour scheme. Look at the arrows on the nearest post like the one in the picture on the left. Brown panels show the route to tourist attractions.

They go in reverse order 300 yds 200yds100yds but what quite a. Drive on any motorway or A road and youll see small blue signs by the side of the carriageway every 500 metres or so. Driver location signs are signs placed every 500 metres 550 yd along each side of English motorways and some other major English roads to provide information that will allow motorists to know their precise location.

Motorway signs and signals are however used as part of the multiple choice question categories within the driving theory test. These will tell you the direction to walk to the nearest phone. White panels indicate local or non-primary routes leading from the junction ahead.

Youll find them at the side of motorways positioned every 500 metres and on some major A roads. In some cases blue road signs are also used to indicate evacuation routes which should be taken in the event a rapid departure from the area is required. The phones are free to use and connect you straight to the police who control that stretch of motorway.

Blue road signs are very commonly used to indicate that road user services are available nearby for instance tourist information about a specific area.

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