What Do The Symbols Mean In Destiny 2

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By eseeselloko Started 23 minutes ago Posted in Peripherals. There are several ways you can find out which gear is being sunset and when in Destiny 2.

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What do the symbols mean in destiny 2. Its probably that my Google Fu is weak but the Destinations and Maps tabs are frustrating me to no end trying to figure out what all the icons and symbols actually mean. The Scannable objects are ghosts that using your ghost you can interact with to see further insight into the lore of the game. Earth Titan Nessus and IO.

Find them fight a bit and get treasure. Nerfing takes its name from the significant other- andor parent-annoying toy for all ages. Its a little corner banner with a Roman Numeral 1 in it since its the first expansion.

With Bungies reveal of Destiny 2 fans have been working feverishly to try and decipher and decode any meaning possible. The sort-of rainbow over a dot is a Lost Sector. Heres an example of the Destination map and the symbols.

There are six symbols in sequence. Each icon also indicates the reward you can get and the difficulty level suggested power. Ad Search for results at Teoma.

The icon also shows up when Ghost or. Maybe start my own business. If you were rich what would you do with all your money Uh I dunno.

Adventures have been marked on the map as orange icons with a sword symbol. By ZonalThrone Started 17 minutes ago Posted in PC Gaming. However there are four symbols on the Director which are not filled and and which allude to more contentlocations.

This is useful as Bungie has suggested gear will be reissued as time goes on meaning. Fluxspider 3 years ago 5. Since everyone else just want to be dicks the symbols are showing what elemental damage that weapon deals.

The flashing ghost icon just means that there is a scannable object nearby justifying the fact that walking away from an area makes the scannable object farther away and unscannable. Each symbol is related to a puzzle of some kind. 2 Weird sounds in my pc.

Bungie has acted swiftly to remove a hate symbol from a piece of Destiny 2 armour. It means mainly there is an investigation nearby. A rc electric v.

Destiny 2s Director revealed the in-game locations. Ghost It looks kind of like a ghost. -The Symbol that looks like a Engine prop from a plane is a Survey mission.

Them Awoken out in the Reef I figure they might pay me to hunt folks down. Thats all just sport. Top one is void bottom one is arc and the third is solar and just looks like a bit of fire.

Check out results for your search. Check out results for your search. Nerfing reduces the damage something deals either an.

They will show as rectangle in Steam but in Destiny 2 they will look as these symbols. Paste into your Steam name. We got thousands of Guardians running around bounty-hunting anything that moves Nuh-uh.

It means its new gear from The Dark Below. Sort of like signs are treasure chests you can find and. Destiny 2 energy weapons BungieActivision Energy weapons shoot energy beams and bullets all of which can come in a unique elemental flavor.

The Kek logo was featured prominently on a pair of legendary Hunter gauntlets. Basically someone wants you to stand on a specific point for a period of time to survey it -The Symbol that looks like an exploding ghost is a mission where you have to scan a room. Expansion 2 will probably have Roman Numeral 2 in it.

Be some kinda bounty hunter What you mean bounty hunter. They appear daily on every planet and may vary a lot. Then they will grey-out until reset.

Some of the symbols will tell you what they are when you hover over them but a lot of them are just artwork with no meaning to me at this point. Pull out your Ghost and it will point towards the object. By CreepySK Started 19 minutes ago Posted in CPUs Motherboards and Memory.

I have several symbols sticking out to the right side of planets that I have no idea what they represent. What guns do these symbols mean.

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