What Does A Stranger Danger Look Like

Stranger Danger Advice Who is a stranger. We must never go anywhere with a stranger or do anything for a stranger.

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A woman who looks like a mom does not fall into the stranger danger definition.

What does a stranger danger look like. Only if you are not too busy. What does a Stranger Look Like. Sometimes we have to ask strangers for help so this lesson is designed to teach children to look for the dangers remember our safety rules and if you need help look for a trusted adult such as moms with kids workers with name tags police officers etc.

This is not a scenario we all covered in our childrens training. Only if they give you sweets. Some are tall and some are short some are thin and some are heavy.

Page 2 Page 3. It is one of the topics covered in the Health section of PSHE. There are some strangers you can trust and its OK to talk to them.

Explain that sometimes dangerous strangers can look just like mom or dad and even act nice. Posters videos and picture books warned children to avoid strangers. Who is a stranger.

Not all strangers are badbut some are and you cant tell which ones are good and which ones are bad just by looking at them. So you need to be careful around ALL strangers. Parents We would never suggest that young people avoid social media but we cannot ignore the clear and present danger of harm online and offline.

No because they are still a stranger. Just because a stranger looks nice doesnt mean its ok to talk to them. In this quiz written specifically for children in years 1 and 2 we explain to them what a stranger is and the dangers that they can pose.

A stranger can look nice and friendly. This is not only not true but its dangerous for children to think this way. Today experts such as Mundy view stranger danger with skepticism.

Most strangers are nice but you should NOT talk to anyone you dont know. Say that nearly all people are kind but that there are a small number of people who might not be. What does stranger danger look like in todays world ON Staff.

Some strangers are pretty and some are not so pretty. Stranger Danger – Age 5-7. A stranger is anyone that your family doesnt know well.

Some strangers can speak different languages. Its common for children to think that bad strangers look scary like the villains in cartoons. If a stranger looks friendly it is important that you remember they are still a stranger and could be dangerous so you must still go.

We cannot tell who is kind just by looking at them. While we used to teach Stranger Danger this might not be the best way to teach personal safety. This is not only false but its dangerous for children to think this way.

Walsh reiterated the identifiable markers for knowing what strangers may be safe for a child to approach including the mother with children a store clerk with a name tag and a security guard. Lastly the kids figured if their friends were all accepting the ice pop then it must be okay for them to do the same. They depicted adults waiting in playgrounds offering candy bringing a friendly dog and imploring an indecisive child to trust them.

Dangerous strangers dont always look scary or like a cartoon villain. Its common for children to think that bad strangers look scary like the villains in cartoons. A stranger is anyone that your family doesnt know well.

Does a stranger look scary like this. Stranger Danger is something drummed into KS1 age children. She may be barking lunging andor growling or she may be shaking cowering and frozen in fear.

Decades ago a stranger danger safety campaign cascaded into public consciousness. To them moms are safe and trustworthy. They can have any skin color.

Yes because friendly people are safe. What Does Stranger Danger Look Like. Strangers can be men or women young or old.

Our training is focused on CRITICAL THINKING and the implications and consequences of. Generally by the time I am called to do a behavior consultation a dog is reacting overtly fearful andor reactive. A stranger can be described as someone that we dont know or someone that we dont know well.

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