What Does Apron Mean In Drama

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The apron is any parts of the stage that extends past the proscenium arch and into the audience or seating area. The part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra ie in front of the curtain.

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The aprons main purpose is to provide structural strength and support but it also sometimes adds a decorative touch if visible.

What does apron mean in drama. She tied on her apron before preparing the dinner. 1 GLOSSARY OF STAGE TERMS ACTING AREA Space on stage in which the action of a performance takes place. āprən The definition of an apron is something that is worn to protect the front part of the body or to keep clothes from getting soiled.

APRON The performing area in front of the main curtain mains or curtain line. An example is a sideboard on legs with the apron on the front instead of underneath the piece. Ampere a unit of electrical current.

Noun a garment usually of cloth plastic or leather usually tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume. A piece of cloth plastic etc worn over the front of the clothes for protection against dirt etc. In modern drama refers to any arbitrary means of plot resolution.

Apron definition a garment covering part of the front of the body and tied at the waist for protecting the wearers clothing. Auditorium where the audience sit. APRON noun The noun APRON has 4 senses.

The excess skinfat that hangs over and out of too tight pants and crop tops. An apron stage is often used as an alternative term for thrust stage but can also refer to the much smaller acting area in front of the proscenium arch in some theatres. What does apron mean.

AMBER Refers to the yellowish-orange transparency see gel used as a colour medium. Apron in Theatre topic From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English apron ˈeɪprən noun countable 1 a piece of clothing that covers the front part of your clothes and is tied around your waist worn to keep your clothes clean especially while cooking 2 apron strings 3. The stage of an arena theater.

The conditions or situation in which something happens against a backdrop of something a love story set against a backdrop of war and despair 3 a painted cloth hung across the back of a stage Examples from the Corpus backdrop Their meeting will happen against a backdrop of increasing hardship for ordinary Russian citizens. ARBOUR – also carriage cradle A metal frame used to support counterweights in a system for flying scenery. It may have several different purposes and is today perhaps most known as a functional accessory that protects ones clothes and skin from stains and marks.

Decorative aprons are often carved or pierced and quite elaborate if the piece is in a style that features adornment. A pinafore is an example of an apron. The Elizabethan stage which was a raised platform with the audience on three sides is an outstanding example.

A type of stage without a frame or arch separating the stage from the auditorium in which the audience surrounds the stage area. Apron section of stage that extends beyond the Pros. The word comes from old French napron meaning a small piece of cloth however over time a napron became an apron.

Arena stage definition is – a theater stage surrounded or nearly surrounded by the audience. An apron stage simple settings an authentic text and swift continuity of action were new to critics and public and not until a similar production of the play in 1914 did he meet with any general acclaim. Golf the part of the fairway leading onto the green.

The Elizabethan stage was typically found in public theatres as plays were no longer performed outside. ASM Assistant Stage Manager. A garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing 2.

The area between the front curtain and the edge of the stage.

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