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How to use cardinal in a sentence. Synonyms for cardinal truth in English including definitions and related words.

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Its interesting that the Latin term for Cardinal means pivot or hinge.

What does cardinal mean in english. Any bird belonging to the genus Cardinalis of the family Cardinalidae cardinal family especially the common northern cardinal of North America the male of which is bright red. A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical official usually an ordained bishop and ecclesiastical prince of the Catholic Church. Old English from Latin cardinalis from cardo cardin- hinge.

The Bird is particularly focused on in Christian tradition where it represent the eternal nature of our soul and the sacrifice of Christ. Cardinal symbolism can also be letting you know that you should start putting yourself first. A North American bird Cardinalis cardinalis having a crested head a short thick bill and bright red plumage in the male.

Cardinal sense 1 of the noun has arisen through the notion of the important function of such priests as pivots of church life. What Does It Mean to Dream of a Cardinal. The bright red color of this member of the Finch family along with its sharp song add to the symbolism and meaning behind Cardinal.

It is important to be proud of yourself for your abilities or for the things you have achieved. Cardinal sense 1 of the noun has arisen through the notion of the important function of such priests as pivots of church life. Old English from Latin cardinalis from cardo cardin- hinge.

See 8 authoritative translations of Cardinal in Spanish with example sentences phrases and audio pronunciations. Cardinal noun C PRIEST a priest of high rank in the Roman Catholic Church cardinal noun C BIRD a North American bird the male of which has bright red feathers and a black face. Cardinal Fixed and Mutable.

Furthermore the Cardinal meaning signifies that the timing is now perfect to start those new projects that you have been contemplating. Id tamen non obstat quin Patres Cardinales qui octoginta annos excesserunt congressionibus Conclave praeeuntibus intersint prout infra disponitur. Cardinals are collectively known as the College of Cardinals which as a body elects a new pope.

A cardinal sighting also stands for spiritual connection perhaps urging you to think beyond worldly or materialistic elements. Is your confidence shaky. Seeing a cardinal in your dreams stand for a positive omen or good luck.

Cardo is also the root of the word cardinis used for the hinge of a door or a pivot that on which something turns. It is essential to realize that taking good care of yourself first will make it much easier for you to help others. The cardinals bright red feathers and cheerful song call attention to him wherever he goes.

Examine the areas of your life in which you are or should be a leader. Christ is the embodiment of the hinge element in the Christian faith. The bird pecking at your window could mean some bad or unfortunate news is in store for you.

In Latin cardo literally means hinge or axis something on which all else depends as does the general meaning of the word crucial. Synonym Discussion of cardinal. Information and translations of the cardinal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

The Cardinal signs are like the oldest in the family and full of the self-initiatory spirit. Cardinal definition is – a high ecclesiastical official of the Roman Catholic Church who ranks next below the pope and is appointed by him to assist him as a member of the college of cardinals. What does the cardinal mean.

Meaning of the cardinal. The cardinal tells you that you can handle it and to believe in yourself. They assert their particular style of leadership through their element.

A short hooded cloak originally. This does not however mean that the Cardinals over eighty years of age cannot take part in the preparatory meetings of the Conclave in conformity with the norms set forth below. By element they are Aries Cancer water Libra air and Capricorn earth.

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