What Does Flame Icon Mean On Thermostat

Floor Limit Symbol Displayed when the floor probe has reached the floor temperature limit configured in the setup menu. What the icons for your Smart Thermostat mean.

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Our Day and Night forsed air heater is working poorly.

What does flame icon mean on thermostat. The flame icon on the display of the thermostat displays when the thermostat is calculating whether it needs to bring on heat as well as when it is calling for heat. If it is flashing the flame symbol this usually means that you are in a delay mode waiting for your heater to start. Select this icon and press the thermostat ring to return to the temperature screen.

Typically it refers to an emergency heating situation. Usually a delay can be from 3 to 5 minutes and then the flame symbol should be constant without flashing. This is normal operation remember it is 05C accurate but it only shows 05C increments on the digital display so you would never have a completely accurate temperature reading eg.

Usually a delay can be from 3 to 5 minutes and then the flame symbol should be constant without flashing. You are in a delay mode waiting for your heater to start. The information provided should always be read in conjunction with the applicable installation and use instructions and all safety information provided in.

What does this mean. Hey stop trying to pull in air from outside. Adjust temperature setting to 4 above room temperature.

Either way it simply means that the system is in cooling mode. To where you want it. Navigation Button icons.

Click to see full answer Also question is why is the flame blinking on my thermostat. What Comfort Setting Icons Mean. It usually means your thermostat is calling for heat.

Holiday Displayed when the thermostat is in holiday mode. 1 Icons and What They Mean. However if the Flame icon and Snowflake icon are flashing the compressor lockout feature is operating.

These two icons indicate that the Aux Heat has been temporarily disabled to save on energy costs. I reboot modem router and thermostat few time. Emergency heat means constantly using the backup heat Switching your thermostat to emergency heat is you telling your heat pump this.

What do all the icons on my ecobee mean. The auxiliary heat system should begin to operate and the Flame icon will be flashing. Awake Select this to label your Comfort Setting Awake.

The backup furnace works more efficiently than the heat strip but less efficient than the heat pump pulling in heat. Im guessing it is an electric furnace. The flame icon on my ecobee shows an exclamation mark.

You can also tell which mode your thermostat is in by highlighting the icon. Nest Thermostats iOS device Google Assistant on Google Nest devices. Remember the flame is not an onoff indicator it is just to tell you if it is modulating near the set point.

Cooling Mode Symbols Some thermostats will indicate the air conditioning is on with clear text that reads AC On or Cool On Other thermostats may use snowflake symbols to indicate the same thing. Unit is connected to app as well as my wifi. The flame icon on the display of the thermostat displays when the thermostat is calculating whether it needs to bring on heat as well as when it is calling for heat.

Comfort Setting icons. File 1 File 2. The little flame icon is just telling you that the stat has sent a signal to the heating system telling it to turn the heat on.

Your furnace isnt obeying that signal but the thermostat has no way to know that. The color of this icon will change depending on which mode your thermostat is in. If the flame symbol is not displayed on the screen of the thermostat when the boiler is switched on it might be a fault with the device and it needs replacement.

Heat Eco or Off. Have your smartphone or tablet with the Ecobee app installed in case you desire more detailed information. When an electric furnace with an emergency gas line gets too cold it goes into emergency heat mode meaning that it begins burning propane or natural gas depending on what you have to get the temp.

There is a flame icon on the thermostat that I have not noticed before. Home Screen icons. So you need to have someone come and look at why your furnace is locking out.

It is something new. If you dont have any heat then you have made the right decision to call in a service tech. Last 3 days my nest thermostat shows yellow gear symbol with leaf in middle.

Also question is what does Emer mean on my thermostat. Flame Symbol Displayed when the thermostat is calling for heat and flashes when optimum start is active. You will see the Heat icon if you are in Heat mode and the Auto icon in Auto mode.

The information in this Article is intended to help installers and users of our products with questions they have. Thermostat flame icon 1 Answers. Select this icon to choose from different thermostat modes.

Depending on your thermostat it may show as a flame or a red light.

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