What Does Handicap Parking Spot Mean

Signs for spaces for vans must include the phrase van-accessible. The sign must have the Universal Symbol of Accessibility which is the standard blue and white image of an individual in a wheelchair.

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Yes drivers with either a handicap parking placard or plate may park in any stall designated with a handicap sign according to Madison Parking Enforcement Supervisor Stephanie Niesen.

What does handicap parking spot mean. As long as they have a valid disabled permit or license plate we dont ticket them Niesen said. Handicapped parking spaces must be properly designated with a sign located at least five feet above the ground. Handicapped Parking The striped lines next to a handicap parking space is called the GORE.

I prefer to use the term accessible parking space I actually find it funny the term Gore was chosen to define this striped area. These parking spots are often the closest spots to the entry or usage point of the establishment or venue with an area next to each parking spot that allows for the accessibility of side-loading wheelchairs or apparatuses that assist those individuals with disabilities to be mobile.

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