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We now come to the mark that tells us the gold fineness purity. The Lion Mark is truly a consumer symbol.

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You have all 5 English hallmarks identifying a piece of silver.

What does the lion mark mean. Youll notice its a rectangular shape with the corners shaved off. The Lion Mark was developed in 1988 by the British Toy Hobby Association as a symbol of toy safety and quality for the consumer. BRITANNIA MARKin 1697an Act decreed a higher standard of purity for wrought plate instituting a new mark figure of Britannia and a lions head erased.

The Britannia standard was obligatory in Britain between 1697 and 1720 to try to help prevent British sterling silver coins from being melted to make silver plate. Make a note that England itself has made the bulk of sterling wares over the centuries. The Lion is the universal symbol of courage strength royalty and majesty.

An oval stamp would indicate the item is silver and a house shaped mark. Traditionally the four Gospel writers have been represented by the following symbols as indicated in the question. Matthew a divine man.

The traditional lion passant meaning it is 925 Sterling silver. While the Lion Mark is only used by BTHA members its membership includes many major international and European companies. The Lion Head symbolises courage strength and excellence.

The red lion egg stamp and code is explained in the graphic below. Theres no denying it the lion is a ferociously vital symbol conveying courage strength pride and royalty among many other traits. Introduced by The British Toy Hobby Association BTHA in 1989 to promote high safety standards throughout the toy industry the bright red and yellow Lion Mark is an easily recognisable icon to help consumers identify toys that have been classified as being safe for children to use.

The mark for silver meeting the sterling standard of purity is the Lion Passant but there have been other variations over the years most notably the mark indicating Britannia purity. The mane has five partings that represent the same five ideals embodied in the five stars of the National Flag namely. Was in use from 1697 to 1720 but the use of.

The British Lion has become one of the UKs most successful food safety schemes since its launch in 1998. A W in an artistic font.

The Lion Mark – What Does It Mean. A portrait of a young Queen Victoria. An additional meaning which could be signified by the lion relates to a tradition which considers St Mark as the founder of monastic life and of the desert fathers.

The Gospel writers have symbols a man a lion a bull and an eagle which I think refer to Matthew Mark Luke and John. The lion passant appears on the marks of all town except those of Scotland and Ireland. The Lion Mark is a British consumer symbol developed in 1988 by British Toy Hobby Association BTHA and used to identify toys denoted as safe and of high quality.

Starting from the left to right you have the makers mark Peter and Jonathan Bateman then the lion mark sterling then the town mark-leopard head London the date mark P 1790-91 and finally the sovereign mark King at time. It represents a red and white lion face in a triangle with a yellow background and green borders. The code covers the entire production chain and ensures.

In all the BTHA members supply around 95 of all toys sold in the UK. It is in solid red against a white background – the colours of the National Flag. This again tells us the item is gold.

First lets look at the shape stamp. Spiritually the Lion symbolizes the message that your greatest power is found deep within the heart. This article offers more cultural perspectives about the meaning of lions for tattoo ideas.

Scotland uses a thistle flower Ireland uses a harp and so on. This points to Birmingham between 1845 and 1846. The symbol for English sterling is a walking lion or Lion Passant.

Symbolic Meaning of Lion Tattoos. Most countries that live under the reign of the British crown have their own sterling mark instead of the lion. It means that consumers can be assured that a toy which bears the Lion Mark has been made by a member who believes in making good quality safe toys.

The letters NM in a rectangle refer to Nathaniel Mills. All eggs that carry the British Lion mark have been produced under the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety. Thus also St Mark who opens with the mighty roar of St John the Baptists call to repentance is pictured under the powerful image of the lion.

The British Lion mark explained All Class A eggs have to be marked with a code showing the type of farming system country of origin and farm production unit.

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