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The lower flammable limit or lower explosive limit LFL or LEL of gasoline is 14 percent. Definition of a Highly Flammable Liquid HFL A Highly Flammable Liquid HFL is a liquid with a flash point below 32 deg C.

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It is thought to have been started with flammable material which caused an explosion damaging three windows This is because polystyrene is a flammable material that gives off a toxic black smoke in the event of a fire It is a highly flammable and unstable compound with a.

What does the term highly flammable meaning. Highly could mean more most or very or largely. Also Know what is the meaning of the highly flammable symbol. Flammable definition easily set on fire.

This means that gasoline can be ignited when it is in the air at levels between 14 and 76 percent. Flammableand inflammableare interchangeable when used of the properties of materials. The flash point of a liquid is the lowest temperature at which the liquid can evaporate to produce vapour in sufficient concentration to form a combustible mixture with air near the surface of the liquid.

Highly acts as an adverb and describes the adjective flammable in detail. Flammable chemicals gases cloth or other things catch fire and burn easily. In the house you may have many objects that are flammable and highly flammable and it is always better to have stickers on them so that you will be more careful.

The word flammable could mean burnable. The only difference that can be seen is that highly flammable means the chances for catching fire are greater. Adjectivecombustible incendiary inflammable ignitableflammable liquids such as petrol or paraffin Usage.

The words highly flammable refer to state of a substance. Used to be also called inflammable. Material that ignites easily and burns rapidly with a flame or a material with flash point below an arbitrary temperature limit of 50C 122F.

Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. The upper flammable limit or upper explosive limit UFL or UEL is 76 percent.

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