What Does The Word Cardinal Mean In A Sentence

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This is a matter of cardinal significance. What does the cardinal mean.

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From the Cambridge English Corpus Churches and monasteries as well as the palaces of prelates and cardinals were looted and destroyed.

What does the word cardinal mean in a sentence. Holy Spirit is described as red cardinal as He renders two elements white light and red flames. Of the greatest importance Examples of Cardinal in a sentence The therapist addressed the cardinal rule of marriage which is to always compromise on issues and once that is accomplished everything else will fall into place. Examples of cardinal virtue in a sentence how to use it.

The one cardinal principle which he laid down was the extinguishment of debt. In the Church cardinals form the central governing body and in math the cardinal numbers one two three are the numbers you learn and use first. He did however start off with the right credentials to become a major.

Here are some examples. The inner city faces the cardinal points and is walled and moated all round. Cardinals are nominated by the Pope and form the Sacred College which elects succeeding popes now invariably from among their own number his appointment as cardinal.

In general the number is four and then they correspond to the cardinal points. The system of national taxation recognises the cardinal principle of ability to. First of all the land is chosen according to the ancient science of geomancy which considers the shape of the mountains position of water and the cardinal directions.

– But most of all they. The cardinal was a man of high position young yet of great accomplishments and with cultivated literary tastes. Noun 1 A leading dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church.

A high ecclesiastic appointed by the pope to the College of Cardinals and ranking above every other ecclesiastic but the pope. They carry the message to and fro. In most cases cardinal means central or essential.

Thus the cardinal number one is the class of unit classes the cardinal number two is the class of doublets and so on. Examples of cardinal rule in a sentence how to use it. It sins against the cardinal principle that an auxiliary language shall inflict no damage upon any natural one.

Definition of Cardinal fundamental. Information and translations of The Cardinal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. What does The Cardinal mean.

Its a cardinal principle that you use it to describe words of behavior like rule or sin. Looking for sentences with cardinal directions. I committed the physician.

Examples of cardinal principle in a sentence how to use it. Cardinal Daly has said that churches should not be used for profane or secular purposes. The cardinal distinction of jurisprudence is between rights or duties and the holders or subjects of rights or duties.

The word cardinal is derived from the Latin word cardo which means hinge. Our word cardinal goes back to the Latin adjective cardinalis which meant serving as a hinge The root of this word is the noun cardo meaning hinge Since a hinge is the device on which a door turns cardo came to mean something on which a development turns or something very important. That seems to me to be a cardinal rule of the road.

Much like a door hinge the cardinal is represented as an entryway between earth and spirit. We are told they face the cardinal points and consist of fallen and erect walls. The definition of a cardinal is a songbird with a noticeable crest and a stout bill that is often red in color a distinctive red color or a dignitary in the Roman Catholic church.

The cardinal of Alba read out their former confessions and pronounced the sentence of perpetual imprisonment. They have no compasses but the means by which they discover the cardinal points is curious. Meaning of The Cardinal.

Information and translations of the cardinal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The Cardinal sat down at his side of the table and questioned him further about his proposed academy. Cardinal noun C PRIEST a priest of high rank in the Roman Catholic Church cardinal noun C BIRD a North American bird the male of which has bright red feathers and a black face.

They stood facing outward back to back looking towards the four cardinal directions. Any bird belonging to the genus Cardinalis of the family Cardinalidae cardinal family especially the common northern cardinal of North America the male of which is bright red. A songbird with a red plume.

Meaning of the cardinal. Noun Roman Catholic Church. Force and fraud are in war the two cardinal virtues.

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