What Does The Word Court Mean In A Sentence

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A decision or sentence imposed by a judge. This is the British English definition of courtView American English definition of court.

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Definition of Court the session of a judicial assembly for civil and criminal cases Examples of Court in a sentence Because of protests for a man on trial the security measures in.

What does the word court mean in a sentence. To try to please someone because you want them to join you. Go to court definition. How to use court in a sentence.

Learn the meaning of the word and increase your vocabulary while using Court as a verb in a sentence example. The court must find genuine difficulties before it declines to use the literal rule. The doctrine of jurisprudence constante also influences how court decisions are structured.

The definition of a court is a short street that is closed at one end. Each republic had an independent judiciary with a supreme court lower courts and a constitutional court. If a defendant is convicted in a criminal prosecution the event that follows the verdict is called sentencing.

231 2012 the Supreme Court held that a federal court has discretion to run the federal sentence concurrently or consecutively to the anticipated state sentence. Postponement of a court session until another time or place. There are strict time requirements for filing a Motion to Vacate Conviction andor Sentence.

However USSG 5G13c requires that if the anticipated term of imprisonment is for an conviction based on criminal conduct is relevant conduct in the. The post-conviction stage of the criminal justice process in which the defendant is brought before the court for the imposition of a penalty. United States 566 US.

Juvenile court proceeding to determine whether the allegations made in a petition are true and whether the childyouth should be subject to orders of the court. 1an assembly including one or more judges to conduct judicial business 2a room in which a lawcourt sits 3the sovereign and his advisers who are the governing power of a state 4a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played. Example sentences for Court.

Example sentences for Court. View the pronunciation for court. District court definition is – a trial court that has jurisdiction over certain cases within a specific judicial district.

In some situations a case of first impression may exist in a jurisdiction until a reported. Change your default dictionary to American English. District courts hear civil and criminal cases high courts hear appeals and the supreme court reviews judgments by lower courts.

Learn the meaning of the word and increase your vocabulary while using Court as a noun in a sentence. Court definition is – the residence or establishment of a sovereign or similar dignitary. If a Motion to Vacate Conviction andor Sentence is denied appeal can be made to the appropriate United States Court of Appeals.

A sentence is the penalty ordered by the court. An example of court is a street without through traffic. This motion is filed in the federal court in which the conviction took place.

The high court a court of appeals and a supreme court constitute the core of the justice system. In general court decisions of common law jurisdictions give a sufficient ratio decidendi as to guide future courts. Look it up now.

Present participle of court 2. To take legal action Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. Definition and synonyms of court from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Court noun LAW B2 C usually singular U a place where trials and other legal cases happen or the people present in such a place especially the officials and those deciding if someone is guilty.

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