What Does The Yellow Clock Symbol Mean In Outlook

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The wifi logo has slightly yellow triangle connecting to my iPhone hotspot and that didnt work either and used to be also pronouncing constrained. People icon next to a file or folder.

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I sent an email that I havent received a response for.

What does the yellow clock symbol mean in outlook. App-configured presence states are based on user activity Available Away Outlook calendar states In a meeting or Teams app states In a call Presenting. Finally a grey dot indicates that they are either offline or their presence cannot be detected. I opened it in my sent folder and I noticed that theres a little green check mark at the bottom of the icon that signifies the sender ie.

Select the icon to see the warning message displayed in the activity center. Red which indicates that a user is in a meeting or otherwise occupied. I mean clicking on for example my taskbar clock does not as far as I can tell reduce my login credentials exposure.

However this sign stays for one hour from the person came online on imo. The orange clock on gmail in the Contacts list shows an IDLE contact. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help.

The yellow icon beside your contacts names means your contacts have set their status to away. So in my mind for what its worth WSA Padlock should be active all the while my browser is active. A purple arrow means they are out of office and a purple dot means that they have set up an automatic reply feature in Outlook.

Sending a message or calling them is still possible but whether they answer immediately or not depends on their availability. It means Mail is trying to fetch mail for that folder usually the Inbox If it remains that may mean Mail is not able to connect with your email servers. See the full overview of Outlook icons.

In older versions you can select from the predefined icons and use the icon editors to edit them or create your own. When gmail senses no activity for a certain period. Yellow which indicates that a user is idle and may be away from their computer.

If you see a yellow warning triangle over your OneDrive or or OneDrive for work or school icon it means your account needs attention. This means that the contact has not set his status to Away but his computer terminal has not been in use for a while. You can also paste images into the editor.

Outlook 2010 has a limited selection of icons and you cant edit or paste your own icons. Outlook very limited support for icons and doesnt include the option to browse for icons. Its means the person is online.

Marked as answer by NikoCheng Moderator Wednesday April 6 2016 933 AM. For users that there mailbox is hosted onprem it is expected to have presence delays with a maximun of an hour. A yellow clock signals that they are away and their computer has been idle while a red dot means that they are busy.

Yellow Triangle with exclamation mark is a warning. I might guess it means they are currently logged in green check or not grey pip or marked as away yellow clock but I know for a fact these people are not marked as away andor not logged in yet they have green circles or yellow clocks next to their names so that cant be the answer. Starting a chat in the Outlook Web App.

Working offline sample of. I began off by resetting my wifi however that didnt work then i attempted is within the improper part. You probably already know the closed envelope the open envelop marked as forwarded marked as replied and if you are in an Exchange organization the Out of Office icon probably looks familiar as well but do you know the rest.

It changes the status to Idle. Meaning of green check mark in emails sent through Outlook ie. You can hove your mouse to see the issue.

My browser is a Protected Application. 37 rows Outlook Today top level of the mailbox. For instance if the person came online on imo at 7 pm the green circle with a tick stays at her contact icon for 8 pm even though he has already turn off his data.

To start a chat with a user in the Outlook Web App click on their name to display a pop-up with their contact information. This is set by your contact manually or by Skype automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

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