What Happens When You Get A Warning On Roblox

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Aug 20 2020 8 1 3 Roblox. False reports rarely result.

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I have gotten this warning so many times.

What happens when you get a warning on roblox. At one time there was a report option for when you believed you were falsely reported labeled Falsely Reporting Me but it was removed. Status Not open for further replies. But continuing the same mistakes leads to the termination of their account.

Sometimes it just gets rejected which I would prefer but sometimes it gives you a full blown warning where you have to Agree to Terms again. I frequently get warnings about how This content is not appropriate for ROBLOX on seemingly random decals. This level is sometimes used to provide users with feedback about their creations.

This website was created by Roblox members to replace the official forums because Roblox shut them down Join us if you like Roblox. Moderators review each report to check for rule violations. Account deletion happens most oftenly when a player uploaded an inappropriate picture to Roblox.

The process looks a bit like this. An in game ban is not given by the staff but by the game creators. OML I GOT A WARNING.

How many alerts warnings if your familiar with roblox until a block is that a ban or an account deletionterminated If you receive multiple alerts at the same time you will get banned to learn more go here. Side by side or miles apart sisters are always connected by the heart. However a ban can be applied only by a Roblox staff to the concerned player.

It means one of our moderators will look at the report and decide on the proper response. 3 day ban – 72 hours from the time the moderation was initiated. First strike – you receive a one-day suspension and a warning message Second strike – you receive a five-day suspension and a warning message Third strike – you are permanently removed from the Developer Forum.

Roblox offences like swearing most likely end with a warning. It honestly depends on what term of service you broke. Sending in a report does not mean the reported user will automatically be suspended.

Players are given warnings on the first few offenses. Only the ROBLOX staff can ban ROBLOX player however anyone can report. But it can be reported by anyone.

The report will be reviewed by one of the staff members of Roblox. I thought Id get warnings forever. Warning – A user can get back into their account right away if they agree to the ToU.

If they find you were doing something wrong you will most likely get a warning or a temporary ban. 0 0 0. If you keep getting warnings on ROBLOX eventually you get banned for a month.

3 days bans are most likely for hate speech or inappropriate content that has been banned on Roblox. 1 day ban – 24 hours from the time the moderation was initiated. Warnings are given to the concerned players initially on a few occasions.

This depends upon how many. Repeating offenders get their account deleted. False reporting can rarely result in action taken against a Roblox account including a warning or ban.

If you are in game while being issued a warning or ban a message will appear saying Same account launched game from different device Redirecting to the Roblox home page will then show the warnban message.

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