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10-A80BC – 20 lb. Since Class A B and C fires are all found in conventional homes and businesses ABC fire extinguishers are designed to put out all three types of fires.

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BC 5 K 3 Capacity 55 lb 2 6 lb 1 132031 lb 1 20 lb 2 30 lb 2 UL Rating.

What is 10 bc fire extinguisher. 4-A60BC – 10 lb. For example a 1-A10-BC extinguisher is effective on Class A B and C fires and a 40-BC extinguisher isnt rated for Class A fires but has four times the extinguishing capacity of a 10-BC extinguisher. The Fire Extinguisher must have an Underwriters Laboratories UL rating of 10 BC or more.

2-A10BC – 4 lb. Up to 7 cash back The Kidde Model FX210 is a 2-A10-BC UL rated fire extinguisher. If your business in DC Maryland or Virginia requires fire extinguisher services contact Guardian online today to schedule service.

Click to see full answer. Badger Brigade B-20-PK Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguisher 20 Pound Standard Flow. 10-BC Automotive Marine Fire Extinguisher Having a fire extinguisher within reach can Having a fire extinguisher within reach can help you create a path to safety and may even help put out a small contained fire.

First Alert Fire Extinguisher Recreation Vehicle and Marine Fire Extinguisher White Rechargeable REC5 48 out of 5 stars 3390 2098 20. For home use a suitable rating for a fire extinguisher is 2A10BC. They are filled with either potassium or sodium bicarbonate.

3-A40BC – 5 lb. In the above example 10B indicates that you can expect to douse a fire that had spread to cover 10 square feet. UL ratings are numbers that refer to the extinguishers relative power against that class of fire.

The ratings on ABC fire extinguishers vary but lets say the one available to you is 10A120BC. Or two fire extinguishers with a. A large high-capacity fire extinguisher might work well for your application but relying on one that is too heavy or bulky for your workers to use creates a dangerous situation.

One of the best dry chemicals for BC fire is Purple-K. It is rated for wood paper fabrics flammable liquids and electrical equipment. For example a 10BC fire extinguisher can extinguish a fire over 10 sq ft.

They can put out both Class B and C fires caused by flammable liquids B and energized electrical equipment C. Amerex Direct Pressure Wheeled Fire Extinguishers. This type of dry chemical fire extinguisher is generally based on chemicals such as potassium bicarbonate or ammonium phosphate.

Knowing how to use one in an emergency is critical. There are no numeric size ratings for fighting Class C D or K fires because these classifications simply indicate that the extinguisher is recommended for fighting electrical fires flammable metal fires or kitchen fires respectively. These numbers are a ULULC rating that indicates the amount of firefighting capacity with the square feet covered for the type of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Size Ratings. Common fire extinguisher sizes and their approximate weight. You might come across a fire extinguisher labeled 4A20BC.

Heres how it works. The most common fire extinguisher is the ABC fire extinguisher. A 2A rating equals 25 gallons of water and a 4A rating equals 5 gallons of water.

B-rated fire extinguishers are numbered in 10s. This means that the extinguisher can be used in a Class A B or C fires. Now how does this work for ratings.

The Coast Guard quantifies extinguisher abilities differently from UL and they use the terms B-I and B-II. Fire extinguishers are an invaluable tool to help fight smaller fires or to protect evacuation routes in the event of a larger one. Class C D and K extinguishers do not have numerical ratings.

A fire extinguisher with a 1A rating is equivalent to 125 gallons of water. This Kidde fire extinguisher is UL rated 10 BC and is specifically designed to be mounted in cars or boats for personal protection. When purchasing a fire extinguisher you must ensure that each grown member of your family can handle it comfortably.

Potassium bicarbonate is considered a more effective chemical agent than sodium bicarbonate. An extinguisher rated 2A is twice as powerful as one rated 1A. Badger Brigade B-10-PK Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguisher 10 Pound Standard Flow.

The numbers indicate the size rating of each extinguishing agent. This Kidde Pro 110 fire extinguisher is UL rated 1-A 10-BC and is ideal for the most common fires. Discharge range and 8 – 12 second discharge time.

If the power unit is not used to transport hazardous materials it must be equipped with a single fire extinguisher with a UL rating of 5 BC or more. This rechargeable fire extinguisher is suitable for use on the most common fires. BC Fire Extinguishers are considered a Dry Chemical Extinguisher.

Ideal for the most common fires. What that means is it is equal to 2 ½ gallons of water per 10 feet. In this video youll learn how to use a fire extinguisher and what to look for when purchasing a fire extinguisher.

10 BC extinguisher means 25 gallons of water firefighting capacity for 10 square feet covered for a BC Type fire. An extinguisher with a 10B rating can cover roughly 10 square feet an extinguisher with a 20B rating can cover 20 square feet and so on. The numbers before B and C are a measure of the amount of square feet the fire extinguisher can put out.

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