What Is A Fire Hazard In The Workplace

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Fire represents one of the biggest workplace safety threats. When a fire occurs in the workplace it has the potential to disrupt your business and the people who rely on your goods and services.

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Fire can result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

What is a fire hazard in the workplace. The top five fire hazards in the workplace are. The first step of any fire risk assessment is to identify fire hazards. If not killed immediately it can cause serious injuries or even casualties and damages to the property.

If you have been given permission to deal with a fire consider these steps. Cardinus the health safety and risk management specialist has put together the infographic below spelling out five fire hazards in the office and how you can minimise the risks. Fire extinguishers should be inspected regularly to keep them in good working condition.

Identify fire hazard in your workplace eg. It is a hazard not only for workers but potentially for the nearby general public as well. Process machinery that can overheat or generate excessive mechanical friction or static electricity.

Chemicals accelerants which can increase a fires rate of spread. Employee Training Awareness. A fire is one of the most terrifying and devastating risks in the workplace which can compromise the safety of the workers as well as the public.

Common fire related hazards. The main causes of fire in the workplace are. Follow your training procedures never putting yourself at risk.

Smoking carelessly discarded cigarette butts. If your clothes catch fire. These need to be included in the fire prevention plan as well.

Workplace fires can also cause extensive property damage and can render the worksite either destroyed or out of service indefinitely. The workplace or office is a place that you would be visiting every day. The higher the number of occupants the greater the risk.

If you know the fire triangle then it will be no surprise that fire hazards. Refer the home fire safety checklist to prevent fire accidents in your home. Workers should be warned not to attempt to deal with a fire unless they have been trained to do so.

Systems using combustible hydraulic fluids. Paper cardboard and wooden pallets also are combustible materials that can accumulate and create a significant fire hazard. Assess the risks posed by the hazards that youve identified this will.

Ad Search Safety Consulting. Save now at GigaPromo. Always ensure there is an escape route between you and the fire.

Hence fire safety is really important in the workplace and should be a priority. Consider these common sources of workplace fire hazards or ignition sources when assessing fire risk. Fire hazards at the workplace or office.

Home fire safety is very important to prevent residential fire accidents. Fire hazards in your workplace are anything that may create a fire. Fire hazards are workplace hazards that either involve the presence of a flame increase the probability that an uncontrolled fire will occur or increase the severity of a fire should one occur.

Rubbish and waste material fire is likely to spread through accumulated waste. Ad Search Safety Consulting. Save now at GigaPromo.

Waste and combustible materials A build-up of waste materials such as paper and cardboard provide fuel for fire and if gathered in one place could have a devastating effect. Presence of ignition sources heaters lighting electrical equipment etc and fuel packaging plastics rubber petrol chemicals etc. Cardinus specialises in risk management and health and safety solutions including ergonomic solutions e-learning fleet risk property risk management and consultancy.

Electricity neglect or misuse of wiring can lead to short circuits. 50 Potential Fire Hazards In The Workplace.

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