What Is Fire A Symbol Of In The Poem Fire And Ice Mcq

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English First Flight Poem 2 Fire and Ice with Answers. The Fire and Ice poem will be added below for reference.

Hey Robert Frost Lesson Plans And Poems This One Makes A Great Symbolism Lesson Plan Trust Me It S A Roa Poetry Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Robert Frost Poems

There is controversy about how the world will end.

What is fire a symbol of in the poem fire and ice mcq. Both 1 and 2. Fire and Ice multiple choice questions and answers on Fire and Ice MCQ questions on Fire and Ice First Flight Book Poem questions for class 10 English CBSE. According to the poet the world will end due to the fire which symbolises desire.

Humans have raided the planet in an attempt to satisfy their desires. Here the fire has been used as a symbol to represent desire and ice has been used for hatred. The poet wants to aware the humanity that everything will end one day as a result of human misdeeds.

Fire is a symbol for desire as the speaker agrees with those who say that fire will end the world by speaking. Why does the poet hold with those who favour fire. In Frosts poem Fire and Ice the speaker symbolizes fire as desire or love and ice is symbolized to be destruction and hate.

There is symbolism even in the delivery of the lines. DETAILED SUMMARY Fire and Ice is a symbolic poem by Robert Frost. Fire and Ice is a highly symbolic poem by Robert Frost because___________.

Students can also take a free test of the MCQs of Fire and Ice. In fire or in ice. Fire stands for conflict fury intolerance insensitivity while Ice stands for greed avarice lust rigidity coldness indifference hatred etc.

Fire and Ice symbolism is difficult to find but it represents many important things about the world and human nature. In the poem it indicates all types of greed and lust. Fire and Ice MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz.

Practicing these Fire and Ice Class 10 English MCQs Questions with Answers really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts. Fire and Ice are symbolized here. Question 5 of 10.

From what Ive tasted of desireI hold with those who favor fire. Here fire is symbolic of human desire or passion and ice is symbolic of hatred. Fire and Ice Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type Question 1.

Fire and Ice First Flight. C Ice stands for coldness. B because hatred among people is increasing fast.

Fire and Ice are symbolized here. The poet says that both fire and ice are destructive. D Ice or fire would be the cause of destruction.

For Frost what do fire and ice stand for. What do fire and ice symbolize in the poem Fire and Ice. Short Answer Type Questions 2 Marks each Question 1.

A it is a meditation about how the earth will end B it uses contradicting ideas C it incorporates scientific terms. Name the poetic device used in the line Some say the world will end in fire. MCQ Questions for Class 10 English.

A love and new desires b lust and endless desires c love and beginning of a new thing. Robert Frosts poem Fire and Ice is a strong symbolic poem where fire is used as the emotion of desire and ice that of hatred. The word fire stands for desire.

B lust and endless desires. He has used the idea of two groups who have their own possible explanation for the end of the world. These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

We do this without consideration what effect it will have on nature. In Robert Frosts Fire and Ice fire represents desire and ice hatred. Frost immediately connects fire with desire because of its perfect rhyme.

This poem symbolizes the two opposite human emotions love and hate and their destructive sides. Fire of violent desires will put the world to. But the symbolism of Fire and Ice goes beyond just words.

Fire stands for conflict fury intolerance insensitivity while Ice stands for greed avarice lust rigidity coldness indifference hatred etc. Fire and Ice symbolism. How can fire destroy the world.

According to Robert Forest what will end one day. But if the world had to end twice then it will be due to the hatred symbolised by. A because love among people is increasing fast.

Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. What does fire symbolize. What is fire a symbol of.

We cut trees pollute the air water and land just to get and experience the things we want. Students of Class 10 can prepare the MCQs of Poem 2- Fire and Ice from NCERT First Flight book. For Correct Answers see end of post.

Summary in English- Fire and Ice.

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