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FireWire also known as IEEE 1394 is not a cable you usually find these days. Im guessing with audio this is not recommended due to the issues that could arrise.

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FireWire provides a single plug-and-socket connection on which up to 63 devices can be attached with data transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps megabits per second.

What is the function of firewire port. FireWire ports are forms of a serial port that make use of FireWire technology to transfer data rapidly from one electronic device to another. You have probably heard the term FireWire if you have any interest in digital video — or maybe you know it as Sony iLink or as IEEE 1394 the offical name for the standard. First began to include the port on a number of digital camcorders.

The improvement to the specification allows transfer of data at up to twice the speed of the original IEEE-1394 standard. FireWire is Apple Computers version of a standard IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus for connecting devices to your personal computer. Firewire isnt a video output port–its typically used to connect a PC to a video camera or hard drive so you can transfer data.

The FireWire 800 interface which was introduced on Macintosh computers in 2003 is backwards compatible with FireWire 400 devices using an adapter. A FireWire connection lets you send data to and from high-bandwidth digital devices such as digital camcorders and its faster than USB. Firewire is most often used to connect digital camcorders external hard drives and other devices that can benefit from the high transfer rates up to 480 Mbps supported by the Firewire connection.

So basically its just like an Apple keyboard. FireWire is a bushardware protocol designed for the high-speed transmission of data between two peer-to-peer devices. FireWire is also known by the term IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus and USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

FireWire ports are used to transfer data between different digital devices but mainly audio and video devices. Popularized in the early 90s it was the competing standard to USB for a long time not unlike Thunderbolt is today. The 9-pin connector is a rectangle with square corners.

FireWire Apples name for the IEEE-1394 serial bus standard is a general purpose interface that predates USB and can be used to connect multiple devices to a computer or to enable high-speed transfers between computers. Along with USB Firewire also called IEEE 1394 is another popular connector for adding peripherals to your computer. FireWire 800 uses a 9-pin connector and can transfer data at up to 800 Mbps.

What is the function of FireWire port. It uses up one of your USB ports so has another built into the side of it to make up for your loss of a single port. This different set of functionality is the one which creates maximum trouble when converting a Firewire port to a USB 30 port.

Both FireWire and USB are technologies used to connect devices to a computer and transfer data quickly. FireWire 400 uses a 6-pin connector and supports data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps. A firewire port is a high-speed data transfer port – its a standard also known as IEEE1394 SB1394 and iLink among other names.

Although there are numerous converters and adapters available in the market which. This version of the standard allows one port to function as both an Ethernet connection and an IEEE 1394c connection at the same time. This device has been in common use since 1995 when Apple Inc.

On the other hand they function on a Universal Serial Bus system to achieve their primary motive of transferring data at higher speeds. Theoretically HDMI has several advantages over VGA. It can also connect two computers or networks using TCPIP over it.

It serves as a digital link between the connected devices which allows for. On the PC Firewire ports are typically used to connect to external storage hard drives and multimedia devices like digital camcorders but if youre running one of the Windows versions mentioned above you can also run TCPIP over Firewire and use it to network two systems together. Offering much faster speeds even faster than USB 20 FireWire a connection youll usually find on older external hard drives and digital cameras.

9-pin connectors are part of a recent improvement to the IEEE-1394 technology called FireWire 800 or IEEE-1394b. Firewire can be used for very high speed transfers such as external hard drives CD-burners video cameras.

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