What Is The Greek Word For Love In The Bible

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The word storge is not used in the Bible. The Bible student who is not conversant with Greek can thus know just what Greek word for love lies back of the English word and can therefore interpret the passage more accurately.

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HELPS Word-studies 5360 philadelphía from 5384 phílos loving friend and 80 adelphós a brother properly affection for.

What is the greek word for love in the bible. Are the Words Storge Love in the Bible. The Greek word for love talked about here is agape pronounced uh-gahp-ay. The first Greek word for love is eros which refers to romantic or sexual love.

Eros is the Greek term that describes romantic or sexual love. Studies in the Vocabulary of The Greek New Testament Dr. STOR-jay is a term for love in the Bible that you may not be familiar with.

Brotherly love love of Christian brethren. From it we get the word erotic. Biblical Significance of Eros Eros is used in the Old Testament to express the physical and sensual intimacy.

Its easy to see the connection between eros and our modern word erotic And there are certainly similarities between those two terms as well as a few differences. The second is storge which refers to familial love like that of a mother for her baby or of a brother and sister for each other. One of the most pleasing stories of a marriage in Scripture doesnt ever mention love.

Of the four Greek terms that describe love in the Bible eros is probably the most familiar today. When this strong love is mentioned in the Bible it is often the Greek word Eros. So too in secular ancient Greek 26agápē focuses on preference.

Likewise the verb form 25agapáō in antiquity meant to prefer TDNT 7. The New Testament Greek word for Gods love The major words used in the New Testament for Gods love are agape and its corresponding verb agapao. In the NT 26agápē typically refers to divine love what God.

Eros love in the Bible Starting with Eros we must note that the term doesnt show up in Scripture. And yet ἔρως romantic sexual love is a good gift of God to human beings as the Bible makes plain. This specific word is not used in the New Testament.

Its often used to refer to self-sacrificial divine love in the NT but the word doesnt necessarily mean that. This Greek word describes family love the affectionate bond that develops naturally between parents and children and brothers and sisters. It is derived from the Greek philostorgos which means tenderly loving.

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