What Is The Meaning Of The Greek Word Sozo

When the greek word is better understood the meaning of different versus becomes more clear. One suffering from disease to.

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What is the meaning of the greek word sozo. Saved 4982 sozo has the basic meaning of rescuing one from great peril. What does Sozo mean. Sozo is kinda like the word saved on steroids.

Do you want to understand a Strongs Bible but dont have the time to do all the memory of traditional language learning. The original Greek manuscript uses a word that is so much more complete to describe Gods will for humanity than our. 4982sṓzōfrom sōs safe rescued properly deliverout of danger and into safety.

As an example consider the greek word sozo which has been translated in the New Testament the following ways. Being part of Sozo means you are part of our family. To save deliver make whole or restore heal be whole.

Definition to save keep safe and sound to rescue from danger or destruction one from injury or peril to save a suffering one from perishing ie. But the writing indicated that sozo means salvation also in terms of making one whole and complete – spiritually mentally and physically – all three of them all the time. Sozo is the Greek word for salvation yet its root meaning goes beyond just the forgiveness of sins.

Then Greek for the Rest of us. It includes every verse where the word σώζω appears in the New Testament. From a primary sos contraction for obsolete saos safe.

Remember Sozo means to save heal deliver to be made whole. It kicks up the meaning about a gazillion times. To save rescue deliver and heal We believe Jesus has rescued us from sin and brings us into a relationship with Him.

In my mind the word Sozo supercharges those scriptures. Deliver or protect literally or figuratively–heal preserve save self do well be make whole. This is a thorough word study about the meaning of the Greek word σώζω sozo translated to save Strongs 4982.

Additional nuances include to protect keep alive preserve life deliver heal be made whole. Used principally of God rescuing believersfromthe penalty and power of sin and into His provisionssafety. A family on mission to love a world in need of rescue.

I have read recently about the Greek word sozo which means salvation as I understand. At the same time we are invited to join Jesus in the rescue of others. An All-Encompassing Word.

However that is only one facet of the Greek word translated as save sozo Strongs 4982 whose basic meaning is to make safe It can be expanded to. Sozo Strongs number is G4982 Salvation Restoring spirit soul and body 94 times translated as salvation. The word sozo or one of its grammatical forms is used over 100 times in the New Testament especially whenever Jesus heals.

Save or saved whole healed preserve. 120 times total and of these only 3 times it is translated healed Therapeuo G2323 and G2322 Therapeutic To cure through various ways God provides Gifts of Healings. Its an all-encompassing word for salvation often rendered save or saved However a closer look at how this important word was translated makes it very clear that our salvation includes much more than just forgiveness of sins.

According to Strongs Concordance Sozo also carries the idea of being physically healed of diseases and to be delivered from your enemy. A word study is done on a specific greek word to detemine its exact meaning. Sozo comes from a Greek word meaning.

In classical Greek sozo means to escape destruction to keep a whole skin to be healed recover from sickness keep safe or preserve such as a city to be preserved or extant such as a book to bring one home safe from a journey and carry off safe rescue from something such as death. Here are the three verses quoted. English translations do Greek word studies use better dictionaries and commentaries and not be frightened by the Greek words.

The Greek word sozo was used over a hundred times in the New Testament. To obtain a true understanding of this word these scriptures need to be meditated on and notes made of their meaning in different contexts. The context must be considered to determine whether preservation of physical life or spiritual life is in view.

Strongs Concordance defines the meaning of the Greek word sozo as follows.

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