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The flame pictogram indicates a substance that is flammable. Precedence Rules for GHS Pictograms.

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Hazard statement s standardized phrases which describe the nature of the hazard posed by a hazardous product.

What is the pictogram for health hazard. Most pictograms have a distinctive red square set on one of its points border. This pictogram indicates a substance that presents a health hazard when inhaled has high carcinogenicity or mutagenicity andor directly damages one or more organs. What does this pictogram mean.

Pictograms are assigned to specific hazard classes or categories. If skull and crossbones applies. Respiratory sensitisation Aspiration hazard Carcinogenicity germ cell mutagenicity or reproductive toxicity CMR Specific target organ toxicity These hazards are distinguished by the H phrases used.

This symbol indicates that hazardous products with this pictogram can cause certain health effects for example. The picture below summarizes GHS pictogram precedence. Any chemicals that are a carcinogen can cause mutations or otherwise cause damage to one or more organs when inhaled are marked with this pictogram.

The GHS system is using the 9 GHS hazard pictograms with their GHS number signal words and meaning shown in the table belowThese pictograms are also found on the site of the UNECE. Inside this border is a symbol that represents the potential hazard eg fire health hazard corrosive etc. If corrosive pictogram applies.

Pictograms hazard symbol within a red square set on one of its points. Together the symbol and the border are referred to as a pictogram. It is used for chemicals that can cause cancer genetic defects respiratory irritation reproductive toxicity organ toxicity and aspiration toxicity.

The symbol of a flame is universally known to mean fire. Ad Get Health And Safety Signs. With a quick glance you can see for example that the product is flammable or if it might be a health hazard.

Standard Pictogram The Hazard Communication Standard HCS requires pictograms on labels to alert users of the chemical. All together there are nine pictograms in use on GHS-aligned labels. The GHS hazard pictograms for free download.

Additionally what information Cannot be found. Signal word a word used to alert the reader to a potential hazard and to indicate the severity of the hazard. If the health hazard pictogram appears for respiratory sensitization.

What Are the Haz-Com Pictograms. Find Instant Quality Info Now. Pictograms are graphic images that immediately show the user of a hazardous product what type of hazard is present.

The pictogram on the label is determined by the chemical hazard classification. If used for skin sensitization or skineye irritation. As you just learned the Hazard Communication pictograms are pictorial representations or in every day language pictures that represent the hazard or hazards represented by a chemical.

However the hazard pictograms are available from the UNECE site in transparent form only in the eps format. Skin irritation hazard category 2. Chemicals with this pictogram are gases aerosols liquids and solids that are flammable.

Pictograms and Descriptions Health Hazard. Ad Get Health And Safety Signs. Acute toxicity oral dermal inhalation hazard categories 1 2 3.

Environment The pictogram GHS08 for Systemic health hazards indicates several serious hazards for internal organs eg. Acute toxicity oral dermal inhalation hazard category 4. A cancer-causing agent carcinogen or substance with respiratory reproductive or organ toxicity that causes damage over time a chronic or long-term health hazard.

Hazards to which they may be exposed. Serious eye damage hazard category 1. Exclamation mark should not appear if.

Find Instant Quality Info Now. Health Hazard The health hazard pictogram features a silhouette of a person with respiratory obstructions. Ghs hazard symbols images.

Each pictogram consists of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazards. Pictogram Hazard class and hazard category. The symbol within the pictogram is a black silhouette of a persons head and chest with a white star shape spreading out from the center of the chest.

Skin corrosion hazard categories 1A 1B 1C.

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