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Ahead 15 MPH TRAFFIC REGULATION SIGNS Traffic regulation signs regulate traffic speed as well as movement and display rules which drivers must obey. Prohibitory or restrictive signs D.

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Speed Limit MPH and Slow Down signs for parking.

What traffic signals ahead means. Traffic signs can be grouped into several types. Lane-use control signals can be used on streets or highways. Right Turn Ahead Sign.

An uncontrolled intersection means that there are no Yield or Stop signs to control the right-of-way and no traffic signals. Two Way Traffic Symbol this road sign informs drivers that the lane they are passing on is a two-way highway and vehicles are expected to come opposite to their current lane. Save lives by alerting oncoming traffic to accidents.

The most common intersection sign is the crossroad sign W2-1. A red flashing light at an intersection is equivalent to a stop sign and means that CHAPTER 6 Traffic Signs and Signals. Traffic Signal Ahead Sign this road sign warns drivers of a traffic signal ahead and entails them to slow down.

Normally its an uncontrolled intersection. Traffic signal ahead Lane merging from right watch for other traffic School zone Stop ahead Road narrows. The following signs are examples of Indianas traffic regulation signs.

This sign warns that there is a traffic control signal ahead. Youre sure to encounter a Traffic Signal Ahead sign while you drive. Product Questions and Answers.

TRAFFIC SIGNS Traffic signs control the flow of traffic warn you of hazards. Drivers pedestrians and bicycle riders must obey these signals except when an officer is directing traffic. If the light is red or if the light has just turned green a line of vehicles may be stopped ahead.

Left Curve Ahead Sign. Slow down and be prepared to come to a complete stop on red signal. Emergency Scene Ahead signs are often brigh pink to catch a motorists attention.

Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary. Traffic jam traffic jams plural A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move forward because there is too much traffic or because the road is blocked by something. Emergency Scene Ahead signs are typically used in advance of traffic accidents or other incidents that slow traffic.

N-count traffic light traffic lights plural Traffic lights are sets of red amber and green lights at the places where roads meet. Turn signs one-way signs detour signs and more. Traffic Signals Traffic signals are placed at intersections to keep traffic moving and to help prevent crashes.

Signs to help control traffic flow. Yellow Yellow road signs are general warning signs to indicate potential hazards or changing road conditions ahead. Special regulation signs F.

A traffic signal is present at the intersection ahead. What should you do if you see a Traffic Signal Ahead sign while driving. You may not be able to see it because of a curve or hill.

It tells you that there is a 4-way intersection ahead. Traffic lights communicate different messages depending on color and shape. For example Annexe 1 of the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals 1968 which on 30 June 2004 had 52 signatory countries defines eight categories of signs.

What does Emergency Scene Ahead mean. Lines and colors mean and obey them as you would traffic signs or signals. Left Turn Ahead Sign.

A steady downward green arrow means a driver is permitted to drive in the lane over which the arrow signal is located. Information facilities or service signs. A Traffic Signal Ahead sign means that you are approaching an intersection controlled by a traffic light.

Traffic signals ahead definition in English dictionary traffic signals ahead meaning synonyms see also traffic calmingtraffic circletraffic coptraffic court.

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