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Dont use the wrong type of fire extinguisher. P ull the pin while holding the extinguisher away from you to unlock the mechanism.

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Often found in homes and businesses For use with combustible and flammable liquids like grease gasoline oil and oil-based paints.

What used in fire extinguisher. Likewise every source of the fire has a particular agent that could set the fire off. Use the right fire extinguisher. There are five primary types of fire extinguishers each designed to put out different kinds of fires.

Water and foam extinguishers typically use air. After the fire appears to be out watch the area in case the fire breaks out again and repeat use of the extinguisher if necessary. The extinguishing agent in each extinguisher supports setting off the fire based on the usage.

Some types of extinguishers will be ineffective against certain classes of fires while others could actually make the fire. Class C extinguishers are rated for fires involving energized electrical equipment such as wiring circuit breakers machinery electronics and appliances. For use with ordinary materials like cloth wood and paper.

Using the correct type of extinguisher for the fire use the four-step PASS technique. Fire extinguishers should not be used by people who have not been trained. Knowing how to use one in an emergency is critical.

Class A fire extinguishers Class A fire extinguishers are used for ordinary combustibles such as paper wood cloth and some types of plastic. Most importantly extinguishers that are labeled for Class A fires only cannot be used on electrical or grease fires. A 10-B extinguisher can cover 10 square feet of fire.

Type of fire extinguisher – Water Foam Dry Powder Wet Chemical Class B – Suitable for flammable liquids. S queeze the lever slowly. Some extinguishers are meant to be used for fire out of paper wood and plastic.

However it is safe to use an extinguisher labeled for Class B and C fires on a Class A fire. An air-pressurized water extinguisher labeled type A will put out fires in paper wood. ABC fire extinguishers can be used.

In this video youll learn how to use a fire extinguisher and what to look for when purchasing a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are loaded with different dousing agents to fight specific classes of fires. These extinguishers typically use water or certain types of dry chemicals to either absorb heat or coat the fire.

Type of fire extinguisher – Foam Dry Powder Carbon Dioxide CO2 Class C – Suitable for flammable gasses. Before tackling a fire with a fire extinguisher make sure you or someone else has raised the fire alarm and that you have a safe evacuation route. Class B fire extinguishers.

Stored pressure fire extinguishers are the most common type. With dry chemical extinguishers nitrogen is typically used. Learn the PASS System.

S weep the nozzle from side to side at the base of the fire. Continue extinguishing the fire until the fire is completely out. Depending on the agent used different propellants are used.

For an easy-to-remember 4-step process to operating a fire extinguisher learn the PASS system. Extinguishers are in a variety that it is used based on the source of the fire. Fire extinguishers are an invaluable tool to help fight smaller fires or to protect evacuation routes in the event of a larger one.

Using a fire extinguisher. The three most common kinds use air-pressurized water carbon dioxide extinguisher and dry chemicals. A im low toward the base of the fire.

Never use a fire extinguisher for a class of fire that is not indicated on the label. This class does not have a numerical rating. Use a sweeping motion from side to side to cover the base of the fire.

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