Why Do U Wear An Apron In The Cook's Area

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Wearing an apron prevents your food coming into contact with the dust dirt hair germs and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. An apron is a protective piece of clothing made from fabric or other materials that covers the front of the body.

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Once I was safe from sauce and oil splatters once I had some place to quickly wipe wet hands all sorts of kitchen inhibitions left.

Why do u wear an apron in the cook's area. We hear of many incidents of our clothes catching fire minor burns are also a part of daily cooking. This thread is archived. We hear of enough incidents of clothing catching fire or minor burns in the kitchen.

I put it on if there is going to be grease or staining sauces tomato turmeric etc. I used to always wear an apron in the kitchen. However now I rarely if ever wear one -strange -I dont know why that is -I am a very messy cook but somehow the mess goes on the floor mostly.

Do you wear one while cooking. Do you wear an apron when you cook. Aprons also can be exchanged for clean ones during the day so the cook can continue to wear the same clothing and stay cleaner and more sanitary.

The name Blue Apron is an homage to chefs around the world who wear blue aprons while learning to cook. Its as plain as Jane and as elegant as well precious pearls. EVEN WHEN YOURE NOT AN APRON MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE WORKING So even with its superpowers you still might want to take the day off.

Am I the only one who likes to cook wearing an apron. While an apron isnt going to be a magic bullet for eliminating contamination in all situations it will bring lower the chances for it. Wear an apron while cooking to protect both clothes and skin.

The apron prevents your clothes from coming in contact with the food hence any germs dust hair etc stay within the apron and off your plate. Then what is safety apron. My mom always had an apron on when cooking cleaning up afterwards.

The apron will help to prevent your clothes from coming into contact with the food you are cooking and any germs such as hair dust and dander will stay within the apron and away from your pots pans and plates. Other workers wear aprons to protect clothes or to protect their bodies from injury. Seems like a common sense way to avoid grease splatter and sprayed water on your otherwise clean clothes.

Sometimes I dont botherlike only a little while agobecause the clothes Im wearing are coming right off and into the laundry after I clean the bathroom. I seldom wear one. I need an apron when I sit down and eat in front of TV and not when I am cooking.

It started with spaghetti sauce but wearing an apron led to a sort of personal transformation in the kitchen. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So many good reasons to wear an apron other than cooking.

Aside from keeping our bodies protected and our clothes mostly free of food aprons are useful for drying hands opening jars and wiping up a quick spill. They also come in handy when the oven mitts have all mysteriously disappeared and you need to grab something from the oven. Securely tied aprons also ensure that loose dangling clothing does not get caught in kitchen appliances or stove-top blazes.

Wearing an apron is a sure-fire and easy way to limit the risk of germs from your clothes coming into contact with your food. This can also be useful when you are asked to greet a guest. I guess Im in the minority here.

Finally wearing an apron allows you to make a statement to those around you while youre cooking. Can I still be a part of the StoneGable club. Ive learned not to get bits of dough on my clothes but dry flour is always a threat.

Wearing an apron is unpretentious and authentic. Some workers wear aprons for hygienic reasons for example restaurant workers. Aprons are worn for cleanliness sanitation and safety.

Today the blue apron is a symbol of lifelong learning within the culinary field so our hope is that our name inspires others to discover new elements of preparing and cooking food. I almost always wear a full-front apron when frying or when mixing and kneading dough. Aprons can prove to be a great necessity to avoid extra heat from the stove top to the body along with keeping the main chef uniform still clean.

Chefs simply remove their apron to make rounds in the dining area to raise guest experiences. Kitchensalli Sep 17 2006 0439 AM 190 I just received a new apron as a present from my wonderful Man and it got me thinking about why I always reach for my apron as the first step when beginning any work in my kitchen. If a professional cook goes to the restroom the apron is removed before entering.

Modern aprons also help prevent kitchen fires since many are made with flame-retardant materials. Do you wear an apron while cooking.

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