Why Do You Use A Lead Apron During An X Ray

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Lead aprons are protective garments that have been created to shield the body from the hazardous results of ionizing radiation during medical imaging procedures. With lead protective aprons its been about 80 years now.

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6793 requires that a worker who supports positions or restrains a patient or resident in a health care facility during an x-ray examination be provided with and wear a protective apron gloves and collar where applicable having a lead equivalence of at least 05 mm.

Why do you use a lead apron during an x ray. Considering the increased incidence of breast cancer in female radiographers perhaps its time for a little innovation in lead aprons relative to the upper female. Dosimetry badges also need to be worn at the collar level outside of the apron. Adobe T hink back to the last time you had an X-ray.

Chronic exposure to ionizing radiation can lead to cancer or other damage to vital organstissues. Lead aprons are part of the basic supplies for anybody who works around x-rays and of course for people who go in to get an x-ray as part of a diagnostic procedure. The lead apron is used to absorb any scatter radiation from the x-ray tube to protect the patient from the radiation.

There is no requirement to use a lead apron for pregnant patients. Those of us in the field have always known that draping that lead apron over you when getting an X-ray at the hospital or the dentist was not necessary that it didnt protect you or lower your. A lead apron must always be provided to any person whether a member of staff or a family membermember of the public who holds or supports a patient during a dental X-ray.

When you get routine X-rays of your teeth at the dentists office or a chest X-ray to determine if you have pneumonia you expect the technologist to drape your pelvis in a heavy radioprotective apron. Doses measured at the surface of the phantom using the ionization chamber where A is the estimated surface dose ESD in the centre of the field B is the ESD at slice 30 E and E are doses with and without the lead apron in place and D are exit doses at slice 27 X-ray settings Doses mGy BA x 100 kVp mAs A B E E D 70 12 0241 0002 0007. Shoe-sizing x-ray machines were pulled from stores in the early 1950s after 40 years of use.

Section 15 of O. Your doctor needs to be by your side during many types of procedures and cannot step behind a protective wall. By wearing a lead apron your doctor is at least partly shielded from harmful radiation.

So the lead apron protects people by absorbing the x-ray energy before the x ray can get to the body and start knocking electrons around. CHICAGO Patients have come to expect a technician to drape their torsos with a heavy lead apron when they get an. According to studies a lead apron will absorb nearly all the x-ray scatter.

The practice ended in 1946. The radiologic technologist probably placed a lead apron over part of your body to protect it from radiation. But that may not happen the next time you get X-rays.

Prepares to take an X-ray of patient Andrew Lyons teeth during. That means the aprons do indeed provide a level of protection for dental patients. Lead garments and shields are an essential part of proper x-ray procedures because they protect you from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Lead aprons are made use of in clinical centers and hospitals to shield healthcare workers and patients from x-ray radiation direct exposure from diagnostic radiology treatments. Some hospitals say using lead aprons for X-rays does more harm than good. Lurie will stop using the shields this spring.

As mentioned a lead apron is used during dental X-rays to protect internal organs and other essential parts of the body from radiation exposure. However modern x-ray equipment is designed to concentrate the x-rays far more effectively than older equipment which means the scope of scatter is significantly reduced. That is why radiology technicians routinely step behind lead-containing walls before pushing the button to take a patients x-ray.

The lead apron works by blocking the radiation before it is able to reach the inner parts of the body while not hindering the results of dental X-rays. Here are just three reasons why anyone who works with x-rays needs to wear the correct protective garments. There is no justification for the routine use of lead aprons for patients in dental radiography.

Shields can also cause automatic exposure controls on an X-ray machine to increase radiation to all parts of the body being examined in an effort to see through the lead. This story can be republished for free details. Lead is the material of choice because it provides excellent protection against electromagnetic radiation like x-rays.

If the x ray gives up its energy to lead atoms in the lead apron then it is not available to knock electrons around in atoms in your body.

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