Why Do You Wear A Lead Apron During An X Ray

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Lead Aprons Reduce the Radiation Dose to the Reproductive Organs It is essential that all individuals of a reproductive age wear lead aprons when they are taking x-rays as radiation has the potential of causing germ cell mutations that can be passed on to future generations. In all other cases the RPII will not require dental practices to have lead aprons.

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The practice ended in 1946.

Why do you wear a lead apron during an x ray. The lead apron is used to absorb any scatter radiation from the x-ray tube to protect the patient from the radiation. That is why radiology technicians routinely step behind lead-containing walls before pushing the button to take a patients x-ray. At very high doses radiation can damage a womans eggs or a mans sperm.

Panoramic style x-ray machines rotate around the patients head with the x-ray source rotating around the side and back of the head and the image receptor or. At high doses radiation can be harmful to a fetus. Section 15 of O.

However modern x-ray equipment is designed to concentrate the x-rays far more effectively than older equipment which means the scope of scatter is significantly reduced. By remaining at a distance of at least 2 m from the patients head during exposures and not standing in the. That means the aprons do indeed provide a level of protection for dental patients.

If the x ray gives up its energy to lead atoms in the lead apron then it is not available to knock electrons around in atoms in your body. 6793 requires that a worker who supports positions or restrains a patient or resident in a health care facility during an x-ray examination be provided with and wear a protective apron gloves and collar where applicable having a lead equivalence of at least 05 mm. By ensuring that operators of X-ray units adhere to safe working practices eg.

At the collar level on the outside of any x-ray shielding personal protective equipment lead apron thyroid shield you are wearing Your assigned dose is calculated by a formula called the ED-2 formula which multiplies the badge reading by a factor designed to better reflect your true effective dose. You may be asked to wear a lead apron to shield your sex organs from exposure to the X-rays. For example a frontal x-ray lead apron would be used for a short procedure that has no back radiation exposure.

You will wear your dosimeter. Because youre exposed to a small amount of radiation during most X-rays the lead apron is used as a precaution. Whichever x-ray lead aprons you choose they must fit.

Lead is particularly effective in stopping x-rays and gamma rays owing to its high atomic number resulting in high density. Depending on the type of x-ray procedure there are full wrap frontal and vest and skirt styles. The general purpose of the lead apron as used on the patient is to protect the patient from scattered x rays.

X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation. Your doctor needs to be by your side during many types of procedures and cannot step behind a protective wall. With lead protective aprons its been about 80 years now.

Shoe-sizing x-ray machines were pulled from stores in the early 1950s after 40 years of use. Chronic exposure to ionizing radiation can lead to cancer or other damage to vital organstissues. By wearing a lead apron your doctor is at least partly shielded from harmful radiation.

According to studies a lead apron will absorb nearly all the x-ray scatter. Considering the increased incidence of breast cancer in female radiographers perhaps its time for a little innovation in lead aprons relative to the upper female. The most common way of lead shielding is using a leaded apron or a lead apron which is a kind of defensive clothing which acts a shield from radiation that often is experienced during x.

The person assisting the patient must wear an apron. So the lead apron protects people by absorbing the x-ray energy before the x ray can get to the body and start knocking electrons around.

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