Why Is St Mark's Symbol A Lion

We look upon the lion as the king of beasts and as courageous. For instance when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Jerusalem an ox and a fatling were sacrificed every six steps 2 Sm 6.

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The Lion of St.

Why is st mark's symbol a lion. The winged ox represents St. Mark The lion is symbolic of Saint Mark. The winged lion of Saint Mark is the symbol of Venice.

This is why these symbols often accompany the Evangelists in miniatures framed illustrations in medieval Gospels-manuscripts. The lion derives from Marks description of John the Baptist as a voice of one crying out in the desert Mark 13 which artists compared to a roaring lion. Mark was in the form of a winged Lion.

It is a symbol used to give an immediate and unique sign of identity and power. This is believed to be derived from his description of St. In the 9th century Saint Mark became the patron saint of the city the lion a guardian of peace and power.

Jeromes explanation Matthewman Marklion Lukeox Johneagle was applied by most artists from the 400s onward whether they were illustrating manuscripts or decorating churches. Mark the Evangelist and is used as the logo for our parish. Saint Marks Lion.

A winged lion is Marks symbol. Symbol of magnificence and power The winged lion is an icon that spans the centuries The Lion of Saint Mark is a winged lion that symbolically represents Saint Mark the Evangelist patron of Venice. The lion symbolizes the resurrection of Christ the King.

The Lion of St. This symbol comes from St. The Lion of Saint Mark in Venice.

Marks description of John the Baptists voice crying out in the wilderness upon hearing the Word of God Mark 13. The lion also signified royalty an appropriate symbol for the Son of God. Reference to the Lion.

The lion is related to St. Mark because his Gospel emphasizes the majesty of Christ and his royal dignity just as the lion has traditionally been regarded as the king of beasts. In its paws the lion holds a book sometimes a book and a sword.

John the Baptist as a voice of one crying out in the desert Mark 13. Finally others say that the angel who appeared to St. An additional meaning which could be signified by the lion relates to a tradition which considers St Mark as the founder of monastic life and of the desert fathers.

However all the scattered. These three elements wings book halo reveal it as a symbol of Saint Mark the Evangelist patron saint of the city. It shows a lion with bird-like wings.

The Venetian lion normally has wings very often holds a book below its paw and sometimes is completed by a halo around its head. His voice is said to have sounded like that of a roaring lion. The wings come from Ezekiels vision of four winged creatures as the evangelists.

Mark is a winged lion the emblem of the evangelist Mark especially that of bronze surmounting a granite column in the Piazzetta at Venice and holding in its fore paws an open book representing St. As Christians we too are called upon to be courageous and to spread the good news of Christ. John the Baptist with a loud voice in the desert like the roaring of a Lion.

The winged lion is a mythological symbol which represents the patron saint the Evangelist Saint Mark. Others say that the Lion would be the symbol of Mark because his Gospel begins with the voice of St. In sum identifying visual similarities between St Marks symbolism as a winged lion with older traditions is relatively easy so too is tracing sources of lion symbols in Judea-Christian Greco-Roman and Zoroastrian traditions.

The winged lion is the symbol of St. Therefore the reason for the choice of the Lion symbol is not certain. Thus also St Mark who opens with the mighty roar of St John the Baptists call to repentance is pictured under the powerful image of the lion.

Oxen were used in temple sacrifices. Marks symbol is a winged lion. It is the traditional symbol of the city of Venice and previously belonged to the Republic of Venice.

The Griffin was considered as a Christian symbol for the Churchs ideals on marriage.

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